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The Borgias Season 2

"The Confession"

The family is left in shock on the season two finale of The Borgias. Elsewhere, Cesare tortures Savonarola.

"World of Wonders"

It's Easter on The Borgias this week. Elsewhere, Lucrezia's lover asks her father for her hand in marriage.

"Truth and Lies"

Juan makes up a tale this week regarding his "battle wounds." But Cesare is determined to learn the truth.

"The Siege at Forli"

Alexander sends his son to take down the castle of Catherina Sforza this week on The Borgias.

"Day of Ashes"

Alexander is convinced that God has sent out a message of disapproval on this episode of The Borgias. It's titled "Day of Ashes."

"The Choice"

On this episode of The Borgias, The pope sends Cesare to the castle of the Sforzas. Why? To demand their allegiance.

"Stray Dogs"

Micheletto helps Cesare recruit mercenaries on this episode of The Borgias. It's all about revenge.

"The Beautiful Deception"

Alexander tells Lucrezia that Paolo can't have a Christian burial because he committed suicide and she takes her grief out on her baby on The Borgias.


Paolo arrives in Rome this week. He hopes to reunite with Lucrezia and their child on the latest episode of The Borgias.

"The Borgia Bull"

Pope Alexander VI throws a major feast to kick off season two of The Borgias. Alexander's mistress, meanwhile, discovers he's taken another lover

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