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After Daniel became Mrs. Noa Hamilton, reporters began sending him gifts and freebies in hopes of scoring some free advertising. 

Daniel didn't want much of it, but he couldn't resist a Corvette, that Lewis later yelled at him for accepting because it made him look like a gold digger. 

Mateo apologized to Vanessa and told her he needed her to be his manager. 

Mari attempted to convince Rafael that it's time to expand the business with a cafe. 

She also tried to break the ice with Natalie by taking her shopping for a quinceanera dress. 

Things went fine between them until they went to check out and the boutique shop lady said some nasty things about same-sex couples. 

Mari told her off to protect her daughter, which impressed Natalie, but then questioned if this was what her daughter truly wanted as if she had a choice. 

Mateo got stuck working the shift at the bakery. His father didn't seem too concerned that he had plans at a recording studio and made him cancel his session. 

Mateo became irate and the two had a blowout about Rafael never taking his music seriously. 

To make it up to his son, Raf turned the storage closet into a music studio. 

Daniel attended a business meeting that Noa set up for him with the Food Network. 

She got a call from her idol, Melanie Cann, and couldn't make the meeting leaving him to fend for himself. 

He pitched the producers a show, but they apparently wanted to change everything about him. 

Instead, he recorded a food show for his social media page. 

Melanie offered Noa a lead role in her upcoming project, but the downside if that it shot in Morrocco for three months. 

A reporter named Kurt approached Vanessa at her open house to convince her to give him the exclusive. 

She refused. Later, Lewis came by and offered to buy the house if Vanessa were to sign an NDA. 

She also refused. Kurt came back later to tell her that Noa and Daniel met before her failed proposal. 

Daniel found out Lewis tried to bribe Vanessa and got upset, which led to his first fight with Noa. 

Noa told him about the film role in Morrocco and invited him to come with her mere moments before they stepped out onto the red carpet together for their first public appearance. 

The Baker and the Beauty
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