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Part One: Alison

Alison is on a train, on her way to see Alison. They go into a hotel looking for a room and it's $1200 for a terrace suite. Noah wonders why since it's Brooklyn.

They try to decide what to do. While strolling, they wander right up to his house. She doesn't seem excited to be there, but he promises not to fuck her in his wife's bed. Guess where they are!

Noah decides he's going to get his own studio apartment to finish his book and Alison can stay there when she comes to town. When he moves out, it can be there starter apartment.

Alison is using Helen's shampoo and decides to dump it all down the drain. When she exits the shower, Noah is changing the sheets. 

Alison is like a bull in a China shop. She breaks something in the kitchen and then looks through the trash, finding a pregnancy test. It's positive. Alison thinks it's Helen's, but I think it's Whitney's. Noah tells her Helen and the kids will probably be home in a few hours. That sucks.

Noah and Alison look at a tiny studio apartment. Management wants two years. She freaks out a bit and leaves. She's hardly impressed. Noah wants to wait until Whitney goes to college in the fall. That's nine months away.

When Alison gets back home, she stops in a bar near the train station. Of course Oscar is there. He wonders if she's still seeing that guy, if he broke her heart and says it's hard to love someone who doesn't love you back. He says he tried to blackmail him – for her. It' didn't work, but... She wants to know if Oscar wants to fuck her. They do, indeed, fuck.

Oscar is incredibly happy, making pancakes when she wakes up. She's going back to her husband. He wonders what that even means to her. She tells him to eat shit. When she says they're selling the ranch, she assures him with her half of Cole's half of the money, she's getting as far away from Montauk as possible.  Oscar has news for her. The place is completely under water. If it ever sells, they won't get more than a couple million, divided between the brothers, after taxes. She doesn't believe him and he has copies of the public record.

Cherry admits she's behind in the mortgage payments and wants to get a loan against the business to pay it back. She also informs Alison she's not selling. It was a mistake of Cole to say he was going to sell. She's waiting for the good news before she sits the boys down. Cherry hopes to use the summer lover against her. Alison already told him, so ha. Cherry then rains down a lot of abuse on Alison and when she finally runs away, she has to pull over on the side of the road to cut herself. But she slices down to the meat and has to go to the hospital.

At the doctor, Alison asks to know what happened to Gabriel. She doesn't remember enough. She knows he was in the water with the other kids at a party at the beach. She went to get a blanket and by the time she got back, they were pulling him out of the water. She pumped his chest and spit out water. He sat up and hugged her and she wanted to get him away from there, everyone else, and calm him down. While she was carrying him back, he wet himself. First time in years. She thought about calling him, but it was his granddaughter's wedding and she didn't want to interrupt him. He just seemed so tired. He was falling asleep on her shoulder. She thought he had such a long day she'd let him sleep. If he was feeling bad the next day she'd take him to the doctor. She gave him a bath and she put him to bed... put him to sleep. She breaks. The doctor says it wasn't her fault, there is no way she could have known. The cases are so rare it's impossible to catch. She's screaming, "Just let me take him back to the hospital, please!" She promises she'll be there next time, please.

The doctor tells her this is why secondary drowning is so terrible, they just look like they're tired. He doesn't know whether Gabriel would have survived if he'd been taken to the hospital or not. Alison doesn't know if she believes in heaven, but she definitely believes in hell.

Alison goes to the beach and walks into the water. As the waves crash around her, she hears a woman and her little boy screaming to her, telling her she'll freeze out there. It's the same woman and child she spoke with briefly in the street in Brooklyn after the boy said hello to her. She climbs out of the water and goes to Gabriel's grave. She thanks him, believing the woman and child were sent by Gabriel.

She decides to go back to the city. Cole doesn't understand why she's leaving. Alison wants him to talk to Cherry. He wants her to stay. Cole runs to Alison. He wants to go with her. Anywhere she wants.

Part Two: Noah

Noah is going to see Det. Jeffries. He's been called back in. He wants to know how long it's gonna take, he has Yankee tickets for him and his son. Jeffries gets it, he has custody of his twin girls. Girls? Noah is surprised. He thought he said he had boys. He wonders if Jeffries is fucking with him, man. 

Jeffries wonders if his car gets good mileage and inquires about his turning radius. Noah is not amused. What does it matter? Scott Lockhart was hit by a car, so it matters.

Noah and Alison are in bed. He wants to do something she had never done with anybody else before. She says anything he wants, 'I'm yours." I'm yours are the magic words and she repeats it until he's having a grand old time.

After, he starts poking around someplace "new." She's never done that before, but he has. She promises next time and asks if she can take a shower. He quickly starts changing the sheets. He's in the kitchen cleaning up and finds the pregnancy test. Positive. He puts it in his pocket when Alison comes in looking for her shirt. He put it in the washing machine so he gives her one of Helen's

After she's dressed, Alison realizes it's weird. It's a beautiful shirt, though. She leaves for the station. Quickly, the family is home. Helen is talking about Whitney getting into school, but she had bad grades. Helen later asks if Noah has been using his shampoo. It's kind of expensive and he doesn't have much hair.

Noah wants to know if she was planning on telling him about the test, but she has no idea what he's talking about. She laughs when he says she's pregnant. Helen realizes it must be Whitney's. Lots of fucks are said and they go to Whitney's room. She tries to lie, then admits she is. Helen promises they'll get it taken care of. Whitney has an abortion scheduled for the next day. Noah wants to know who the boy is. Whitney says it doesn't matter.

Whitney is almost three months pregnant. Both parents are shocked they missed it. Whitney still won't say who the father is.

Noah arrives at the abortion clinic before Whitney and Helen. They can't give any information on patients, but he can wait. Noah can't text her because he took away her phone. Who arrives at the clinic? Scotty Lockhart. After Noah starts a beat down, Scotty runs out.

Noah goes to see his buddy. Max can't help laughing when he realizes Whitney is pregnant by Noah's lovers brother in law. Noah tells Max he can't live without Alison. Max says he needs to calm the fuck down, not tell Helen.

If it's true love with Alison, she'll wait while Noah gets himself together. Now it's Noah who can't stand to wait for nine months. Max suggests he leave it alone and not fuck things up.

While out on Max's balcony, he sees someone jump off a nearby building. He's a witness and talks with the police before going home.

At home, Helen is talking to Whitney. She saw a psychic when she was pregnant with Whitney. She was told she saw another spirit of a baby and it came back in Whitney. Noah tells Whitney she's a great mother. He then launches into lying to her and himself. He has to leave because they don't want the same things anymore. 

He's in love with someone else. He will hang with her until they decide what's best for the kids. She agrees. She also wants him to leave. Like, now. She notices a look on his face and gets that he fucked Alison in her house. That's about it for his life in his own home.

Noah gets on the train. He calls Alison with the news he's on his way. He gets off the train and Cole and Alison are there. They all look at each other awkwardly. Alison looks at him and gets on the train, leaving Cole and Noah to stare each other down.

The Affair
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The Affair Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Alison: Why don't you just say it? You were never going to leave her. This was never real. It's just been a game to you. Just say it, just tell me the truth.
Noah: You need some fuckin' faith, Alison.

Alison, it's a temporary solution to a really complicated situation.