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Part One: Noah

He's right back where he started, swimming at the local pool in Brooklyn. The gal who once hit on him is engaged and he notes he's separated.

That doesn't stop him from pounding her a good one. She wonders what his name is as they're going at it like bunnies. She's Jules.

Quick cut-away scenes of Noah visiting his kids at home and at school events while busting it out with various chicks, including a fellow professor. He is also writing his book. The artsy type is obviously really good at getting some.

Noah's called into an office of some sort. He then heads into the NYC Dept of Education for what looks like detention. He's there for disorderly conduct. The guy he's sitting next two has been attending the same detention class for two years. 

Noah didn't bring any reading material and he's not allowed to go get a paper unless he wants to lose his job. If he wants to pee, he can leave his license behind and get a hall pass. It's the ultimate humiliation.

Wisely he decides to write his book with his spare time. He starts on Chapter 3. From the way he looks around the room, it seems he's taking cues from people who around him for his book. Someone behind him has an attack of some short and is wheeled away on a stretcher. The season change and he continues to write until he reaches the end of his novel.

His seat buddy leaves him a message as everyone but Noah files out. "You're my hero," it says. When Noah shows Harry his book, he says its extraordinary. Harry wants it in stores by next fall and offers him something in the low six figures. He goes a step further and says he'll get his gal Friday to start a rumor that Harper Collins is looking at it so Noah can get $500k since he didn't bother with an agent and a bidding war.

When Harry says he wants his gal moved because he "knows himself" and not everyone has a wife as hot as Noah, Noah admits he's recently separated. Harry is surprised. It's almost been four months. 

He lost his job, half his friends, and lives in a box. Harry thinks it sounds wonderful. When Harry asks him if he misses his wife, Noah flashes to Alison, instead.

Noah's with Jeffries. He's pissed he was called in just for questions about his car. He doesn't want to keep going in to see the guy because he told him everything he knows about it. Jeffries knows where to find him; a swanky Greenwich address or something. As he's leaving the police station, a tow truck driver is coming in. Noah's worried and runs toward the guy, "Hey hey hey!"

Noah is called home by Helen. Her mother hired a PI to build a case against him in divorce court. She has the video from the abortion clinic. He hasn't told her about the "padded room" for school, as she calls it. She also doesn't want to divorce him although she hates his guts.

Helen breaks, she's angry he left her without ever saying he was missing something in his life. They come together and then he does her from behind. That isn't a good sign.

Noah has the tow truck guy in his car, and asks what Jeffries wants from him. Noah knows he's going to ask about his car and he wants the guy to lie. There's a price. Twenty grand will do it. Noah wants to give him the cash tomorrow, but the dude wants it today. His response? Damn -- he must be in some deep shit. This seems like the wrong time frame for this to be happening. They're zigging and zagging.

Noah and Helen talk to Whitney. They want to press charges for statutory rape. Whitney wonders how old Alison. Helen told Whitney Noah was a sociopath. Whitney thinks they're both extremely faulty and she has a point.

Noah thinks they should skip it since Whitney was almost 17 and probably knew what she was doing. Helen wants to press charges whether he likes it or not. She changes her clothes in the bathroom and Noah wonders why. He asks if he should leave, but Helen wants him to say. Please.

Noah gets a text in the middle of the night from Alison. Whitney is there. Helen and Noah call her mom to watch the kids and Noah gets into a knock down drag out fight with his mother in law.

On their way to Montauk, Helen compares Noah to her mother. When they arrive, Alison steps outside. To Noah's way of thinking, she's wearing a flattering white halter dress. Helen inquires if Scotty is inside, but Alison says he's gone, she doesn't know where.

Helen and Noah head into the kitchen and have the joy of meeting Cherry. Whitney calls Alison a fucking traitor. Cherry wants to talk rationally. Helen wants to take Whitney home. Cherry appeals to her. She would have stopped Scotty if she had known. Did Helen call the police? Not yet, Noah says. Cherry begs them not to call the police. He just doesn't think. 

Helen has enough. She's so annoyed she wants to leave immediately and screams at Alison to stop staring at her husband. Cherry suddenly stands up for her daughter in law. She thinks everyone in the room did terrible things, but they should just all say goodbye.

As they're leaving, Scotty comes downstairs. "Did you get rid of her mom?" Noah attacks him in the yard, strangling him. Cole shoots a pistol in the air. "Get the fuck off my brother. Give me one good reason I shouldn't blow your fuckin' brains out right now because I can't think of one." With the gun aimed at his head, Noah looks at Helen and then looks at Alison. He looks back at Cole and Cole cocks the pistol.

Part Two: Alison

Alison is meditating by a lake. She appears to be at a retreat with her mother and her man. Namaste. Athena thinks she found a dude for Alison. He's centered and there to find himself, much like someone else she knows.

Since she's recovering from toxic dynamics, Dennis highly recommends a celibacy cleanse. Alison is ready to leave, even though Cole is still at the house. 

Alison arrives at Phoebe's and tells her all about Noah. The good news? We finally get to see the mythical Phoebe! Alison doesn't want to go back to Cole. She's never been alone, but she wants that now. Phoebe doesn't recommend being alone. 

Alison remembers the time Noah pulled her back to him as the most perfect, erotic moment of her life. They were circling each other ever after trying to get back to that moment. Phoebe says they never can, because it wasn't real.

When Phoebe wakes up, Mary Kate is there. Everyone is fine, but they lost the ranch last week. She's really out of the loop. Mary Kate doesn't want anything to do with Alison because she left her family. She doesn't get to just pick back up. She asks for a ride back to the house.

When Alison arrives, Cole comes out, unaware she's in the car. Cole fixed up the house while she was gone. It should help her when she tries to sell it, he says. They ask after each others' mother. 

Cole has no idea where he's going to go. He's upset she never answered his calls or his texts. He can't believe she didn't come to talk to him, but to sell her the house. She want to sell him the house or just give it to him so he can have something he loves. They get into an argument about being together and love and memories that cannot be erased. She hasn't seen Noah since she last saw Cole. She doesn't want to forget about Gabriel, but wants to forget about him. Out of the blue, she wonders why he wasn't watching Gabriel for three minutes. He want to know why she didn't take him to the fucking hospital. And, get the hell out of the house and never come back again.

Just then Mary Kate comes in with the news Whitney is at the house. They all go over. Whitney says it's not about Scotty, but her parents want to charge him with statutory rape. Cole wants to know where Scotty is. When Cole learns she's only 17, he admits he doesn't know what to do. Cherry wants to appeal to her sensibilities as a mother. 

Cole knows if he was Whitney's father, he'd want to kill Scotty. They all need to talk together. The only way it will happen is if Alison makes the call. She doesn't want to do it, but Cole doesn't give a shit. 

Skip to the tow truck guy. He recorded the conversation in the car about the twenty grand payoff. At least we know that was a true recollection! The truck driver's name is Jake, but he's not from State Farm.

Jake can't keep the money (duh) but nobody has been turned in or anything. Jeffries is watching the same video Helen had. He's smiling. Someone pokes her head in; Steve's on the line, he says it's urgent. Jeffries takes the call, "Hey babe, what's up?" He never even had a wife.

Whitney asks why Alison was screwing g her ugly old dad when Cole's so hot. Surprisingly, Alison isn't wearing anything what Noah imagined. Cole is in the kitchen and tells Noah to get the fuck up. Cole is surprised that's how he talks to his kid but it makes sense, since Alison sure as shit doesn't respond to kindness.

Cole gets his pistol out and lays it on the table. Things go terribly awry. He's waving the gun around in the kitchen and pointing it at Noah demanding answers. Alison finally gets him to train the fun on her. Then he puts it to his head. Maybe he should shoot himself so she can have that issue burned into her mind for the rest of her life and she can be stuck with it like they're both stuck with him. 

Alison talks Cole off the ledge using the memory of Cole. Noah realizes the pain they were both in and Cole leaves the room. Cherry never came into the kitchen.

Helen wants to know if he's coming. Noah isn't. He and Alison remain in the kitchen. Noah runs to Alison and grabs her, telling her it's OK in almost the same way he told Helen it was OK. He's had practice.

Flash to the future and Alison and Noah are in the living room together. Alison has just put down their girl. Noah's book is being made into a movie. She's proud of him.

There's a knock on the door. It's Det. Jeffries. He's looking for Solloway. Noah's under arrest. Alison promises to get him out of this.


The Affair
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The Affair Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Listen, as much as I enjoy spending time with you, I didn't kill Scotty Lockhart. Now, I wish I could help you just so I could stop coming in here, but I told you everything I know about it.


Harry: It's extraordinary.
Noah: Really?
Harry: Really.

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