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Their relationship becoming more complicated by the minute, Brody and Carrie take leave of their responsibilities – and their senses – disappearing into the country together for the weekend. But the unlikely solace they find in each other is destined to be broken when the truth emerges: Carrie has and always will suspect Brody of terrorism.  She questions him and he has an explanation for everything she throws at him.


Meanwhile, Mike and Jessica face the fallout of the revelation of their affair, and its effect on the rebellious Dana. Saul catches up with Aileen, alone and on the run to Mexico, and drives her back across the country to Langley. His constant badgering gets her to reveal Tom Walker as the POW who had been turned, not Nick Brody.

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My dog CoCo suffered the same fate a year and a half ago. She was a buaitufel 3 month old pit and I know how you feel. The same exact thing happened and I was literally screaming in the street holding her lifeless body. I still think about it as it was literally the worst thing I have ever witnessed up close, in my entire life. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss and you know Brody is looking down on you and smiling right now.Also I love your site you are on obvious pet lover, as am I, so you must have a big heart.

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How do you know what tea I drink?


Hey Carrie, fuck you.