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Ray killed Nate Haskell. Brass arrived on the scene and the CSIs were left to sort out if Ray had killed Haskell in self defense, or if it was murder. Ray traveled with Gloria to the hospital and was blamed by Gloria's mother for what had happened.

As the CSIs investigated further Nate Haskell's development as a serial killer was unearthed. Bodies buried in the backyard were uncovered. Most of the bodies belonged to animals, but there were also two human corpses. The body of the woman found was Haskell's mother, who had been beaten to death by Nate's father. The other body, was that of a traveling salesman who Nate Haskell killed as a teenager.

Despite many questions raised, the evidence found at the scene all corroborated self defense. Ray told Brass that that was not the case. The show closed with Ray being interviewed by I.A. as he was asked, "Was it self defense or was it murder?"

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when can i see episode 22 adark dark house on tv when does it air again
Doug Gulvin


i think the killer who was never caught, SQWEGAL, will attack captain brass for taking the temporary handcuffs from the scene of nate haskell's death in the final episode.


Ray's cgaracter is gone IMO. What they will do to get ratings back up is (since will not be back as a regular) insert a new cast member (a male)who will have good chemestry with Katherine. I have 3 choices, all of which have played cops roles already...here we go:
Jimmy Smits
Denzel Washington
Bruce Willis Any comments? Ed