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Mike remains in a coma, and despite Angus' excitement over some finger movements, nothing suggests that he'll be waking up anytime soon.

Mario's alcoholic father comes into the ER with a head injury from a fall, and then starts vomiting blood due to his liver failure. Despite initially buttering Mario up and asking for money, he derides his son and tells him that he's a fraud.

Mario and Elliot treat a woman with lower abdominal pain, but it's not until some scans come back that they realize that she was born a he and that the problem has to do with her gender reassignment surgery. The doctors and Jesse aren't the only ones surprised by the news; Beth's girlfriend didn't know that she was transgendered either. After walking off, Jesse talks to Anne, and she and Beth reunite following a scary episode with sepsis.

Noa works with a schizophrenic patient who she helps identify using his class ring and social media, reuniting him with his brother.

A crash between a school bus carrying a soccer team and a semi floods the ER with patients. When Charlotte only palpates a pulse on the team captain after his dislocated knee is reduced, the OR team is unable to restore blood flow to his foot and lower leg in time to save it. The player and his father resist the idea of amputation, and Charlotte's career is in jeopardy over the mistake. Leanne goes to bat for her with Ethan, who eventually tries to take the blame with Campbell. Charlotte feels guilty and is about to confess her role in the matter to the boy when Noa interrupts her, saying that this is what friends do. Ethan brings in soldiers from the army prosthetics lab to help show the player that there are still plenty of options available to him, and that he's only limited by his own determination.

Leanne and Malaya treat the truck driver who caused he accident. His wife is insistent that he's a good man and that he never would have taken any drugs, balking at the police presence. As his condition deteriorates, Leanne gets the test results back. Despite the fact that they show that he was on amphetamines, when he briefly regains consciousness, she reassures him that no one died in the accident -- a lie. Malaya pushes her about why she deceived him when she's always encouraged her students to be nothing but honest with patients, and Leanne responds that she decided that he had suffered enough and was already paying the ultimate price, so she chose grace. 


Code Black
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Code Black Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Jesse: Wake up and smell the estrogen.
Mario: She's trans? But you examined the pelvis, how did you not know she was a dude?
Elliot: Because she's not a dude. She's a woman, dude.
Jesse: You tell him, Sugarbear.

Leanne: Let me tell you something about that girl. She finished top of her class. Her film career didn't do that for her. She did. She has a brilliant brain. She has a big heart.
Ethan: Maybe I'm just used to military protocol.
Leanne: She's not in the military. She's a first year resident, which means she's not ready for the consequences of a mistake like that.
Ethan: None of us are.