Chuck Season 3

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"Chuck Versus the Ring, Part II"

It's up to Morgan and Devon to save a captured Team Bartowski from Shaw in the second part of the Chuck season three finale.

"Chuck Versus the Subway"

Shaw is back and convinces the CIA that Chuck and the Intersect are a danger.

"Chuck Versus the Living Dead"

Chuck and Sarah go on a mission to see if Shaw is still alive; Ellie manages to get Stephen Bartowski to return!

"Chuck Versus the Tooth"

Chuck begins having nightmares when the Intersect starts messing with his head and the CIA has him committed with guest start Christopher Lloyd as his psychiatrist.

"Chuck Versus the Role Models"

Chuck and Sarah must train with the best spy couple ever, the Turners (Fred Willard and Swoosie Kurtz); Casey must train Morgan.

"Chuck Versus the Honeymooners"

Chuck and Sarah pose as a married couple on their honeyoon as they attempt to go AWOL from their spy lives together.

"Chuck Versus the Other Guy"

Chuck and Sarah join Shaw on a mission to catch the Ring director that had Sarah kill his wife.

"Chuck Versus the American Hero"

Chuck is determined to get Sarah back and when a CIA mission comes up where he gets to pick his choice of agent, he chooses Walker.

"Chuck Versus the Final Exam"

Chuck is given a final exam that if he passes will make him a full-fledged spy; Casey adjusts to civilian life.

"Chuck Versus the Tic Tac"

Casey is put on a side mission by his former boss gone Ring operative, James Kellar (Robert Patrick) and Casey and Sarah end up helping him commit treason.

"Chuck Versus the Beard"

When Chuck has problems flashing, he's left behind during a mission. With Sarah, Casey and Shaw gone, The Ring invades Castle.

"Chuck Versus the Fake Name"

Chuck pretends to be an assassin, Rafe Gruber, hired by the mafia (Tony Sirico and Louis Lombardi) to kill Shaw.

"Chuck Versus the Mask"

Chuck must help Shaw steal the Mask of Alexander; Ellie and Morgan follow Chuck to figure out his secret.

"Chuck Versus Nacho Sampler"

Chuck attempts to secure an asset working for the ring, Manoosh (Fahim Anwar); Morgan attempts to seduce Hannah (Kristin Kreuk).

"Chuck Versus First Class"

Chuck is sent on his first solo mission to Paris this week. The episode is titled "Chuck Versus First Class."

"Chuck Versus Operation Awesome"

Captain Awesome is kidnapped by Sydney (Angie Harmon) and is forced to shoot Shaw (Brandon Routh).

"Chuck Versus Angel De La Muerte"

After Devon saves the life of a Costa Grava dictator, he ends up involves in a spy mission with Chuck, Sarah and Casey.

"Chuck vs. the Three Words"

Carina (Mini Anden) is back and is on a mission to steal a weapon from her fiance, Karl (Vinne Jones). Operation Chuck helps.

"Chuck Versus The Pink Slip"

Chuck gets trained to become a real spy; Sarah and Casey go on a mission without him.

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