Chuck Season 5

"Chuck Versus the Goodbye"

Chuck must revisit his past in order to save his future. It's the series finale of our of our favorite shows.

"Chuck Versus Sarah"

Sarah takes on a dangerous mission this week and keeps a secret from Chuck in the process.

"Chuck Versus the Bullet Train"

The action on Chuck this week takes place on board a speeding bullet train. Chuck and Sarah go up against Nicholas Quinn there.

"Chuck Versus Bo"

Bo Derek stops by Chuck this week, portraying herself. Jeff and Lester, meanwhile, get deeper into their own spy operation.

"Chuck Versus the Kept Man"

Chuck and Sarah consider the next phase of their business this week, as Casey gets in deeper with Gertrude. She offers him an assignment in South Beach.

"Chuck Versus the Baby"

Cheryl Ladd and Tim DeKay both guest star on this episode of Chuck. The former comes on board as Sarah's mother.

"Chuck vs. The Santa Suit"

Chuck and Sarah learn who's behind the scheme to destroy Carmichael Industries this week. Customers, meanwhile, grow angry at the Buy More.

"Chuck Versus the Curse"

Rebecca Romijn guest stars on this episode of Chuck. She plays a spy and she squares off against our favorite duo.

"Chuck Versus the Hack Off"

Three things come into play on Chuck this week: a computer virus, a cult and Chuck's past as a hacker.

"Chuck Versus the Business Trip"

David Koechner and Catherine Dent guest star on this episode of Chuck, which takes place at a Buy More sales convention.

"Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips"

Sarah gives love advice to Casey, as he gets closer to Gertrude. Also, Awesome makes a stunning discovery.

"Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit"

The team comes up against Carrie-Anne Moss this week on Chuck. She plays a business rival to Chuck's new venture.

"Chuck vs. The Zoom"

Craig Kilborn guest stars on the Chuck season five premiere. It features Chuck dealing with a number of changes.

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