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The winter premiere of Chicago PD forced Halstead to make a tough decision between his girlfriend Camila and his unit. 

Halstead gets caught up hanging with Camila and some of her friends while still pretending to be his undercover alter-ego, Ryan. 

As he's waiting for Camila to wrap things up at the bar, he hears a car crash and finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation. 

The gunshot victim, who died in his arms while bleeding out on the street, turns out to be Ella Porter, an undercover DEA agent working the distributors supplying cocaine to multiple clubs frequented by both Camila and Alex. 

Halstead hopes to use his in with them to get some intel, but Voight thinks he's in too deep. 

"Are you sleeping with this girl," he asks Halstead, obviously skeptical as to why Halstead was pursuing an unauthorized lead off the clock. 

Halstead lies straight to his face, but you can tell Voight knows better than to believe him. Still, he allows him to put it down on paper and continue with the case. 

Halstead and Upton first attempt to get score a buy from Alex, who informs them that he's better off cutting a deal with his girlfriend. 

The news comes as a shock to Halstead, yet he tries to play it off in front of Hailey, who now realizes that he's in way over his head because he actually has feelings for the suspect. 

"Jay, you're not working her, you're dating her," Upton surmises but he promises he has it under control. 

Not to mention she could have killed Ella as she was the last person to be seen talking to her before she was murdered.

He confronts Camila hoping to get a different story but she corroborates that she's been dealing coke occasional to pay off rent following her brother's death. 

She starts bugging out when she realizes that Ella, who went by the street name Maggie, was probably taking names and it's only a matter of time before she gets caught. 

Her worst fears come to light when Intelligence nabs Alex who reveals that Camila isn't just a low-level dealer, she's moving the product and he's working for her!

Halstead still believes in her innocence so he stupidly risks his career to help her get away. 

Of course, Voight and Upton are one step ahead of him and stop him before he does anything stupid.

"You're going to work her and wear this wire and bury her ass, you understand me?" Voight orders him.

Halstead plays his cards right, convinces her that he loves her and he'll run away with her and then forces her to arrange a meeting with her boss, Wallace. 

Heated about the situation, Halstead gets a little too pushy with Wallace and Intelligence has to intervene. 

As Olinsky holds Jay back, Camila realizes that he's actually a cop who has been playing her this whole time. 

Back at the station, Voight gives him 5-minutes to "clear the air," but Camila wants nothing to do with him. 

After a few rounds of interrogations, the team successfully gets a confession from Wallace. 

Upton pays Camila a visit and promises to get charges dropped if she promises to keep the nature of her relationship with Halstead, which is a fireable offense, between them.

Camila takes the deal and makes sure to inform Upton that they may think they know the real Jay, but she got to know him better than any of them ever did.

Meanwhile, Voight confronts Ruzek about being the mole in his unit and offers him a counter deal —  help him take down the Lieutenant. 

Ruzek happily obliges knowing that no one ever wants to be on the Sgt's bad side. 

He shows Woods the video of Voight pocketing the $20-thousand dollars, which eventually turns up in evidence due to a filing error. 

Woods is peeved thinking that Ruzek played him but realizes that he had no idea Voight returned the cash.

He tells him that this isn't over and he's right about that except this time, Voight is controlling the narrative. 

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Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Camila: So you're really a cop?
Halstead: Yah, I don't know what to say...
Camila: You make me sick. You know what it's like to be with someone who doesn't really exist? You know how that feels?

Voight: The way I see it, you got two choices. Serve me up to Woods or you can help me take him out.
Ruzek: Sarge, I'm with you. I've away been with you.