Charlie's Angels Season 1

"Angels in Paradise"

The Angels are sent out to rescue a family from a group of kidnappers. Read on for a recap of the latest episode.

"Angels in Chains"

Charlie's Angels try to crack a kidnapping ring in Cuba but are thrown into a Cuban prison in "Angels in Chains" as Bosley must work with his former girlfriend.

"Bon Voyage, Angels"

Charlie's Angels are on the case when an investigative journalist connected to Kate's past disappears from a cruise ship in "Bon Voyage, Angels"

"Runway Angels"

Charlie's Angels become "Runway Angels" as they infiltrate the fashion world to investigate a model's disappearance and Kate's ex, played by Isaish Mustafa (the Old Spice guy) is involved with the case.

"Angel with a Broken Wing"

In "Angel With a Broken Wing" we meet three young women with criminal pasts who get a second chance and an opportunity to fight crime if they work as Charlie's Angels.

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