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-Three young women with criminal pasts get a second chance while working as detectives for Charlie Townsend, a man they've never met. 

-Abby's the cat burglar, Kate's a former dirty cop, and Gloria is a disgraced Marine who is killed by a car bomb leaving the other Angels to solve her murder.

-The Angels find that Eve French was waiting for Gloria when the bomb went off. Did she set it? No, she and Gloria grew up together in the same orphanage. Gloria called her to meet because she had information she needed to share.

-Gloria identified Bajaro, a man who traffics in young girls. Gloria and Eve escaped from him when they were young. He's now a successful businessman in the states but still runs his human trafficking ring.

-Eve is captured when she confronts him and the Angels come to her rescue. When Barjaro tries to run, Eve spins her Corvette and knocks him out.

-Bosley tells Eve that Charlie wants her to be his newest Angel.  After some hesitation, she accepts.

Charlie's Angels
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Charlie's Angels Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Abby: He's single, he's straight, and he has a life plan.
Gloria: Mixing Mojitos?

One fashion emergency is enough for tonight.