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  • Jake breaks up with Jenna after learning of her past with Matty. He soon realizes his mistake and goes to apologize but catches Jenna and Matty kissing.
  • Jenna is heartbroken and can't understand why Jake broke up with her. She turns to Matty for support and wonders if the things she faced tonight was just to she could realize that she never fell out of love with Matty. The two kiss.
  • Ben and Lacey kiss, but she later rebukes him the entire night. Kevin comes to the wedding in an attempt to mend his relationship but leaves after seeing Ben and Lacey dancing.
  • Tamara refuses to dance with Ricky.
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This was one of the best episodes yet! I was sold once I heard the episodes title, "Time After Time" - which reminded me of the delightfully awkward Napoleon Dynamite and the slow dance scene in that movie...in this episode they also had a good slow dance scene, except they used Nick Ruth's "Believe" which is also a great song. Loved all the interactions between Jake / Jenna and Matt / Jenna, although it was kind of frustrating to watch at times, especially the scene where Matty and Jenna have a heart-to-heart after he shows up at her door and they have “If The Night Is Dark" by Seeker, Lover, Keeper playing in the background. I'm definitely curious to see how this whole break-up scenario is going to change Jake moving forward, perhaps the dark side of him comes out now that he's been hurt? Does he become controlling and crazy instead of just the nice guy he's always been?

Awkward Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Jenna: You're drunk.
Ally: And you're a dork, but at least I'll be sober tomorrow...for a while.

Jenna: I guess your plan to ruin my parents' relationship worked. Happy?
Ally: Listen, your Dad's the one who ruined their relationship and it started years ago.
Jenna: What are you talking about?
Ally: Think about it why would I hate buzzkill this much for no reason? Because I'm the one who had to pick up the pieces when he screwed over your mom over and over again.