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Julia riding her bike and then has a date and is screwing up. She wants to have sex.

Edie is at a couples yoga class with Tim. They later have a discussion about sex and their relationship.

Roxy is at a photo shoot. She's being really bitchy, but then this guy grabs her ass and she goes off.

Julia goes to an event where her father is. Her dad Leon's walks buy and she follows. He's a little bit upset. The event is for a Lifetime Achievement award. He wants her to introduce him.

The event starts and she has on the tennis shoes because she forgot her heels.

During a photo shoot, Leon is confronted by a reporter who accuses him of fathering all the children he helps kids conceive. He starts having chest pains and collapses.

Edie and Tim are at court. Tim gets a news notification on his phone about the Leon controversy.

Roxy is getting slammed by her agent for her outburst earlier. She sees Leon's story on the news.

Julia visits her dad in his hospital room He tells her she's the special one.

Edie visits her mom at the yoga clinic. She questions her mom about the Leon story because her mother was a patient.

Julia is bombarded by the press when she gets to the clinic. She tells them about a confidential DNA test so people can see who their "father" is.

There's a history between her and Edie. Edie married Julia's former boyfriend. Roxy shows up and is filming which Edie tries to put a stop to it. They get into it. Julia breaks it up.

They start comparing their familiar traits. Roxy wants to be friends, but the other two don't.

The guy Julia went on a date and had sex with might be her brother.

Roxy goes off on her parents. She's also an IVF baby.

Leon is at the hospital. Julia visits and wants answers. She tells him she gave out DNA kits.

Leon explans to Julia what he did and why.

Things are getting stickier and Julia hires Tim and Edie about the issue of the clinic.

Julia tells Leon about the FBI and he asks her to remove files. She doesn't want to.

Edie and Tim talk about Julia's case. Tim wants to take it. Edie thinks it's because he loves her because he and Julia were college sweethearts.

Julia turns her dad's computer over to the police.

Roxy is staying with Julia. Edie visits to talk about the case and Tim.

Edie and Roxy find out that they have a high match that Leon is their dad and the three realize they're sisters.

Julia heads to the hospital. Leon is about to get arrested. Edie and Roxy join in. 









Almost Family
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