Sonny: Listen I was in 'Nam, ya? Up there they called me Mad-dog. So you just-- you, uh, watch your--
Hanzee: Do you miss it?
Sonny: What?
Hanzee: The country. Y'know, the wet, the heat, the bugs. Do you miss it?
Sonny: God, no.
Hanzee: It's this quiet I can't get used to. This... frozen winter.
Sonny: Yeah, well... can't argue with you.
Hanzee: Did you work the tunnels? "Send the inyun," they'd say. "Who cares about booby traps? Give Hanzee a flashlight and a knife and send him down into the black echo." Moving through the earth like a rat. Killin' off Charlie, takin' his ears.
Sonny: Ears?
Hanzee: You gotta push their faces down in the earth so they don't scream and wake the others.

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Fargo Season 2 Episode 4: "Fear and Trembling"
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Fargo Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Dodd: Gimme a chocolate glaze and--
Charlie: And an old-fashioned.
Dodd: An old--? An old-fashioned. [to injured man] C'mon, get some zip in ya. [cattle prods the man; to donut shop worker] It's on them.

Kill the king, be the king. That's the world. If you're feeling sour about it, write a letter to Napoleon.

Mob boss [to Otto]