Emmit: Did anyone see you?
Varga: I'm so rarely seen, maybe I don't really exist.

The shallow end of the pool is where the turds float.


Emmit: You know, I was thinking about it on the way over. I can't think of a single person who doesn't like me... Except you.
Ray: That's what they say to your face.

Emmit: There's been an accident.
Varga: Things of consequence rarely happen by accident.

Perception of reality becomes reality.


"Let each man say what he deems truth, and let truth itself be commended unto God."


A shark in a suit is still a shark.


Gloria: I didn't get your name.
Varga: True.

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I'm not less than you.

Ray [to Emmit]

It's finished, okay? Words said in anger. Crimes committed. We've both done things. It's a certain madness, I think, brotherhood. Buttons you push with me, that I push in you. Grudges. I don't want that anymore. So, I'm giving you the stamp.


Emmit: I didn't mean to.
Varga: No one ever does.

Your brother was killed by his ex-convict girlfriend. He'd been abusing her, you see. Beating her in places you don't show. Tonight, she'd had enough so she cut his throat and watched him bleed. Now, the police will contact you tonight to inform you of his death. Be upset, but not too upset. Volunteer nothing. You haven't seem him for days, haven't spoken to him.


Fargo Quotes

My husband made his first million in mortuaries. "Everybody dies, Ruby," he told me. "You can't just leave them on the sofa." One night, he was eating a three-pound lobster and he had a stroke and with it a revelation. Self-storage. That was the future. The two businesses are surprisingly similar when you think about it — a place to put the things you'll never use again.

Mrs. Goldfarb

Gus: Lorne Malvo.
Lorne: Did you know the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color?