Gloria: So, while you're eating mashed potatoes from a box in a dark room, think of me among the amber waves of grain.
Varga: No. That's not what's going to happen next. What's going to happen next is this. In five minutes, that door is going to open and a man you can't argue with will tell me I'm free to go. And I will stand from this chair and disappear into the world, so help me god.
Gloria: Rikers and Snickers bars. You'll see.

Wipe everything, we were never here.


Varga: A man wakes up one morning and decides to kill four men over a certain age, all with the same last name.
Gloria [laughs]: That didn't happen.
Varga: And yet, if evidence is collected, if confessions are made, if a verdict of guilty is entered in a court of law, then its happening becomes as the rocks and rivers. And to argue that it didn't happen is to argue with reality itself.

We see what we believe, not the other way around.


Well, okay then.

Gloria [to herself]

There's violence to knowing the world isn't what you thought.


You work for Varga. All this time. Like a fire door that leads to another fire

Emmit [to Ruby Goldfarb]

He's a kitten now — Ray. In case you were wondering. I looked in his eyes. My Ray. Who never got to say goodbye. Who you left bleeding on the floor. Sadness in his eyes. Your own brother.


Oh, that this was my salvation, a weary traveler I am.


At some level, food knows it's food.


Agent Burgle. Gloria. Trust me. The future is certain. And when it comes, you will know without question your place in the world. Until then, we've said all there is to say. Any further debate will be simply wasting our breath. And if there's one thing I can't abide, it's waste. Goodbye.


I got this theory, in private, that I don't actually exist.


Fargo Quotes

The problem is not that there is evil in the world. The problem is that there is good. Because otherwise, who would care?


A man once said, "You'll know the angels when they come, because they'll have the faces of your children."