Emiko: Do you ever even think about us?
Robert: All the time and I wish things were different, I really do.
Emiko: Since the day you left, I kept holding out and thinking one day you'd do the right thing and become the father I deserved. That's never going to happen, is it?

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 17: "Inheritance"
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Arrow Season 7 Episode 17 Quotes

Laurel: You're a psycho.
Emiko: And you make me sad. Trying so hard to become someone you're not, and for what? So that the city will take you seriously as a hero? That is almost as ridiculous as you wanting to be one.
Laurel: Geth the hell out of my office. Now!
Emiko: I thought I was punishing you for following me, but maybe I just set you free.

If I abandon her now, I'm no better than my father. If I can help redeem her, selfishly I feel like I will redeem my family just a little.