Marine Colonel: The entire war effort is riding on an untested invisibility cloak.
Tom: This programmer hasn't failed us yet.

The battle before us will likely alter the course of the war. The conflict that began in Mayport will end on the beaches of South America. And we will be victorious.


Brawler: Uh, ensign. Shouldn't this thing be whooshing or something?
Clayton: Negative, ma'am. It's engaged.

Nina: These guys are about to storm the beaches of South America and a lot of them won't come back alive. Think they're in the mood for a movie?
Gator: Well, that's sorta the point.

Courtney: Are you OK?
Miller: It's on. The invasion. This is it. D-Day is coming. The fact that we got off without anyone knowing means we have a chance to win this thing.

Nina: You ever get afraid?
Burk: Afraid? Sure. Fear's something you carry around with the rest of your gear. It's a lot like my friend Miller used to say. When you're on a mission and your pack gets too heavy, you've got to dump the stuff that's useless. And fear's just one of those things.

Tom: Here we are, doing it all over again. History tends to repeat.
Slattery: A lesson you can share with your class next semester, Professor.

So beautiful here, man. It's peaceful. It's hard to believe how different this place is going to be in a few hours.

Burk [to Danny]

Please send my thanks to your oracle.

Hector [to Conchita]

Kara: We'll talk about it when you come back.
Danny: OK.
Kara: You just make damn sure you come back.

It's like Frogger. The old video game?

Gator [to blank stares from the bridge crew]

Let's hope this nerd knows what he's doing.


The Last Ship Quotes

What do we tell the crew?
Chandler. Everything. We tell them everything.


Are you telling me the whole world is dying and they sent two people to save it?