Don't start blowing shit up until we know what's in those crates. We still need those seeds.

Slattery [to Danny]

Tom: I thought this family didn't believe in violence.
Lucia: We're only human.

Hey, Nolan, if you're still looking for a call sign, how about Cupid? Because you just shot your arrow right through Diaz's heart.

Miller [to Nolan]

If Vellek's nostos-laced food gets out into the world, there won't be much humanity left to fight for.


I need you sharp. You're a junkie. Your recklessness got Giorgio killed, and now you want the rest of us to join him. I won't let that happen.

Lucia [to Vellek]

Yup, still got it.


Rarely are sons the same as their fathers. Usually they're worse. This is your last chance. Don't muck it up.

Vellek [to Giorgio]

Danny: Another day, another mission.
Burk: The same day, another mission.
Miller: Hey, saving the world is a full-time job.

One ship against the three of us? They're outnumbered.


This goddamn game. I can see now why you left.

Sasha [to Tom]

Being human isn't about cutting out the darkness. It's about fighting every day to find the light.

Tom [to Vellek]

This world ... somewhere this world is good.


The Last Ship Quotes

What do we tell the crew?
Chandler. Everything. We tell them everything.


Are you telling me the whole world is dying and they sent two people to save it?