Adam: You should't say chill-ax. It's gay!
Cathy: Don't use gay like that!

Paul: Angela says you're holding me emotionally hostage.
Cathy: Tell Angela she's sort of a bitch.

Cathy: I wanna do it on the grass.
Paul: Really? You want me to do you in the ass?
Cathy: No! GRASS!

Cathy? I know you're here because the car is in the driveway and the smell of cruelty is in the air.


I like playing paintball with my friends. I'd rather shoot myself in the head than run around in the yard, playing with my mom.


Andrea: How come I can't eat them, but he can?
Cathy: I don't care about him.
Sean: And I only eat trash.

I saw my brother's penis. Someone shoot me in the eye.


Dr. Todd [to Cathy]: You have an awesome rack.
Cathy: You say "rack." Really?!?

Bikinis are cruel to almost everyone.

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