Philip: We don't want this. This is a disaster for us.
Paige: For YOU?

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Mike: Can I get you a soda or something?
Paige: Actually, do you have coffee?
Mike: Sure, big shot.

And she really thinks we'd be so stupid as to leave Alice.


William: Where've you been? They told me all communication should go through the Center, not you.
Philip: We've been on a break.
William: A break? We get breaks?

William: I don't trust us with us.
Philip: Do you trust the Americans?
William: No. On the other hand, the threads on their seams work most of the time.

Paige: That movie was pretty real, right?
Philip: That's why your mother and I do what we do. To keep stuff like that from happening.

Philip: If you didn't want anyone to find out, why'd you tell me?
William: Big decision to make on your own.

Philip: So I guess we're gonna be travel agents now.
Elizabeth: You know what we should do?
Philip: What?
Elizabeth: Take the kids to Epcot.

Martha: Don't be alone Clark, alright? Don't be alone.
Philip: You, too.
Martha: Oh, sure, I'll just learn Russian and...yeah, OK. Me, too.

Turns out they were on her. Stan just told me they were in the middle of a disaster at work. I was worried I pulled her for nothing.


Paige: I'm just. I went last week and the week before.
Elizabeth: You have to go every week, Paige, if you're going to stay close to Pastor Tim.

Elizabeth: Philip, if she runs again...
Philip: I know, I know.
Elizabeth: You should tell her that you'll join her, that you'll have a life together. She needs that hope to get on the plane.

The Americans Quotes

Interrogator: There will be no spy trades under this president.
Philip: I'm not a spy.

We will find this traitor and put a bullet in his head.