Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are not Russian spies.


Claudia: I thought I knew you.
Elizabeth: You lied to me. If you knew me, you'd know never to lie to me.

And you? What's left for you now? Your house? Your American kids? Philip?


Philip: Listen...
Elizabeth: I know Chicago was hard.
Philip: I don't care about that.
Elizabeth: But you do, and I know that you worry. Don't. Philip, I know what I'm doing.
Philip: Do you? You're wearing a cyanide pill around your neck.

Elizabeth: I need to talk to your guy.
Philip: What? Why?
Elizabeth: Just tell me how to get in touch with him.

Philip: You've always done exactly what they've told us to do. I was trying to get you to think. Yes. To ask questions. To be a human being about us.
Elizabeth: You don't think I'm a human being?!
Philip: That's not what I'm saying. I would do anything for you. I always did. I just did. But not anymore. You do whatever you want, but please, some of these things? We believed in something so big. They tell us what to do and we do it, I get it, that's how it works. But we do it, not them, so it's on us. All of it.

Stan: What about Burov? The fact that he's here while all this shit's going down?
Aderhold: We haven't forgotten about him.

Philip: Wait. This came in while you were out. Father Andre.
Elizabeth: I can't. You meet him. Maybe he'll give you absolution.

Elizabeth: I won't do it.
Claudia: I can't make you do anything. But, Elizabeth, keep quite. After all these years serving your country, don't throw it all away now.

So Mexico, everything, it was all to get rid of Gorbachev.


Philip: I have to tell you something. Uh, a while back, someone from home reached out to me.
Elizabeth: What?
Philip: I tried to talk to you about it.
Elizabeth: When?
Philip: A few times.
Elizabeth: Who was it?
Philip: Some guy; it doesn't matter.
Elizabeth: What did he want?
Philip: He said there are people at the Center who want to get rid of Gorbachev. They're trying to prevent that.
Elizabeth: What does that have to do with you.
Philip: He said you met with a general of the strategic rocket forces who is a part of it. He asked me to tell him what you were doing.
Elizabeth: And?
Philip: I did.

Elizabeth: I've got work.
Philip: When will you be back?
Elizabeth: Tomorrow night, if I'm lucky. Next week's the summit. [she touches his face]

The Americans Quotes

Philip: Colonel ... I can't even remember his name. When they first asked me. They said it would be a hard life. They didn't want me to think it would be some big adventure. I said I wasn't afraid of that.
Elizabeth: Who knows what would have happened here? I might have worked at a factory. Managed a factory. You might've. Mmm. Maybe we would have met ... on a bus. They'll be OK.
Philip: They'll remember us ... when... They're not kids anymore. We raised them.
Elizabeth: Yes.
Philip: It feels strange.
Elizabeth: [in Russian] We'll get used to it.

I don't know how to say this, but I think there's a chance Renee might be one of us. But I'm not sure.