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The Americans Season 5 Episode 11 Review: Dyatkovo

The Americans Review: Dyatkovo

On The Americans Season 5 Episode 11, the Centre has an interesting case for Philip and Elizabeth that forces Elizabeth to make an admission. What is it?
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13 Ultra Cool TV Moms We Admire

13 Ultra Cool TV Moms We Admire

These 13 ultra cool TV moms do things like save the world on a daily basis, but they can also be simple everyday heroes sticking up for their kids.
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The Americans Season 5 Episode 9 Review: IHOP

The Americans Review: IHOP

On The Americans Season 5 Episode 9 Philip discovers some news about the hemorrhagic fever they stole for their homeland and Tuan might be double dealing!
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The Americans centers on two KGB agents in the 1980s. They are posing undercover as a happily married American couple with two children.

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Anatoli Victorovich, I'm sorry, but I questioned Ekaterina Rykova. And I'm telling you, she's just stuck in something. She's not someone who made things happen. She's actually trying to help put food on people's tables.


Interrogator: There will be no spy trades under this president.
Philip: I'm not a spy.