Nhan: Commander, Linus says Georgiou left Deck 8 to help out here?
Reno: And you believe that? Georgiou? Helping? Seriously?

Did I interrupt a critical moment of diplomacy?


We are completely disconnected at present, yes. But, we are also together. And ALIVE.


Tilly: Um, you have some, um, Leland on your shoes.
Georgiou: Somebody had to make sure he was dead. And someone else needs to clean the spore chamber. There's gooey bits of him everywhere.

Stamets: My brain.
Culber: Yes, it's scrambled like an egg.

Culber: If you don't stay in for a full cycle before doing anything else, I'll have Saru ground you. Understood?
Stamets: Understood. It's good to have you back.
Culber: It's good to have you alive.

Stamets: I've already determined the location of the ruptured relay.
Reno: Great. Let's go.
Stamets: That wasn't an invitation. I can do this on my own.
Reno: Fine, then I'll just follow you for the witty repartee.

We are introducing ourselves to the future. You, Ensign Tilly, are a wonderful first impression.


Saru: I am Saru. This is Tilly.
Tilly: My name lacks authority.

Saru: We are officers of Starfleet.
Kal: Prove it.
Saru: You have already identified our ship.
Miner: Anyone could be flying that ship.
Tilly: Starfleet Regulation 256.15 'Officers shall display behavior befitting an officer at all times' which is why we're not freaking out right now by being held at phaser-point by a bunch of strangers. It's actually really scary so could you please lower your weapons or, I don't know, tell us your names so one of those things isn't true?

Hey, genius, he's stuck in a tube, in a ship, in a vise, and he's bleeding all over the place. Argue about this later.


What you call pain, I call foreplay.


Star Trek: Discovery Quotes

Sadil: Hope is a powerful thing.
Burnham: Sometimes, it's the only thing
Sadil: Our numbers are few. Our spirit is undiminished.

On the eve of battle, on a cold and windless night, an old general turned to a young soldier. 'Tomorrow,' said the master,'you will know Fear.' The young soldier who had not yet experienced the agony of war looked at the general with quizzical eyes. 'How will I know Fear if I do not know what it looks like?' The general replied,'You will know Fear because it speaks very fast and it speaks very loud...' 'If that is how Fear acts, recognizing it is easy.' But as the young soldier considered the general's advice, she asked the question facing us now,'Once I know Fear, how do I defeat it?'