Stamets: Hugh? Thanks. Jett? Thanks for nothing.
Reno: Back atcha, Bobcat.
Culber: Bobcat?
Reno: I don't know. I'm on drugs.

Kal: I've never seen anything like this. How old is your starship?
Tilly: Oh, we like to think of her as a classic.

The Burn was the day the galaxy took a hard left. Dilithium. One day, most of it just went boom.


I know Andorians don't do fun but there's a real market for this stuff.


Burnham: I'm guessing your cargo used to be someone else's cargo.
Book: It was never his.
Burnham: You stole it.
Book: I repatriated it.
Burnham: You're a thief.
Book: Courier. Someone needs something to get somewhere, I'll bring it.

Orion: How are you connected to the Federation?
Burnham: I'm dying to talk about it. DYING to talk about it because today does not happen to people. EVER. I might be angry about it. I'm supportive. I mean, I'm SO supportive. I am reflexively supportive and what is that about? I'm overcompensating.

It's a super-cool story. It's just that it's in a completely devastating way.


Book: You believe in ghosts.
Burnham: What does that mean?
Book: That badge on your shirt. Every time you see a guy with one of those badges, getting himself all worked up about the Federation, the old days. True believers. Can't handle that it's gone.

I watched this office every day as I have for forty years believing, one day, others like me would walk through that door. And my hope was not in vain. Today is that day and that hope is you, Commander Burnham.


The Federation isn't just about ships and warp-drive. It's about a vision and all those that believe in that vision.


They don't get a lot of walk-ins here. Follow my lead. Try not to get us shot.


Burnham: You have a very large cat.
Book: Yes, she has a thyroid condition.
Burnham: Does she have a name?
Book: Grudge.
Burnham: Because?
Book: She's heavy and all mine.

Star Trek: Discovery Quotes

Sadil: Hope is a powerful thing.
Burnham: Sometimes, it's the only thing
Sadil: Our numbers are few. Our spirit is undiminished.

What you call pain, I call foreplay.