Mara: So I'm fine, Oliver's dangerous?
Charlie: Yes.
Mara: Are you sure Oliver's the one trying to manipulate me?

Oliver's wrong. He hasn't spent more time in the program than anyone else. Since he left, Alexis and I have spent much more time in there, and we're not insane. Are we?

Paul [to Mara]

Mara: We make it as easy as possible to get a BCI, right?
Charlie: Build the market. That's our mantra.
Mara: OK. If it's so easy to get, why would somebody steal one?

Mara: Charlie, why aren't you giving this to the police?
Charlie: Because the police mean press and publicity, and those are two things I don't need right now.

Alexis: [Mara] doesn't believe it.
Charlie: She doesn't believe it because it's not the truth. Tell her the truth and she'll believe it.

Glenn: You think I'm a freak?
Mara: No. I think you have a system, to keep things in order.

Oliver: DId she tell you the BCI was her idea?
Mara: She didn't say it wasn't.
Oliver: That's a brain-computer interface. That's two things, right? Alexis was the computer.
Mara: And you were the brain?
Oliver. I flatter myself.

Oliver: That's why I know you're in danger?
Mara: What kind of danger?
Oliver: The kind you're most afraid of -- losing your mind.

Dylan: That's all the information I'm authorized to disclose.
Mara: Well, that's not at all suspicious, thanks.

Glenn: Stay in your spot next time.
Mara: If you promise to return the thousands of dollars of stolen technology back to Onira-Tech, you've got a deal.

Mara: How are you?
Glenn: Scared. Sick.
Mara: That's OK. Even hardened criminals get scared before a job.
Glenn: You're lying, but thank you so much.

I know this isn't real. I don't know what you are. You aren't a ghost, are you?

Mara [to Reverie Brynn]

Reverie Quotes

Did you just LERI me?

Alexis [to Mara]

Glenn: You think I'm a freak?
Mara: No. I think you have a system, to keep things in order.