Ralph Angel: I chose you. I chose to be your Daddy. I chose to take care of you, help you with your homework, tuck you in bed.
Blue: What if you choose someone else one day, another boy or girl?
Ralph Angel: That will never happen as long as my heart is beating, Blue, I’m going to be your Daddy cause I chose you. You chose me too, right? Yeah, it’s all right.
Blue: Is there a part of you in me?
Darla: There is.
Blue: Because you’re my biological Mommy?
Darla: I am but even if I wasn’t I would still choose you a hundred times over just like your Daddy.

My mother taught me to believe in what’s good. That when people say it’s too good to be true, they’re wrong.


Davis: I was moving on, new city, new career, then Nova’s book comes out.
Charley: Your problems aren’t about Nova. You took a job at a university where employees are held to a higher standard than NBA after parties.
Davis: Whatever it is, I don’t like it.
Charley: It’s called equal treatment, Davis. It feels like oppression to you because you’re used to privilege.

Violet: It’s in me, the way he treated me. How I used to live. How I used to be. The fear. It’s still in me and you can’t protect me from that.
Hollywood: You’re right. I can’t protect you from what you’re feeling inside but what I can do is be right here with you while you’re going through it.

We’re finally at a place where we can sit at a table and not tear each other apart. Let’s just let that be enough because, for me, there’s no more.


If you’re looking for guarantees, Davis, then you should have kept it in your pants in the first place. Do you even understand what you did, not to me but to her? Own your mistakes then maybe there might be a small chance this story could die out in a few days.


Blue: What’s that weird smell, Pops?
Ralph Angel: I don’t smell nothing.
Blue: It’s you. You smell like stinky flowers.
Ralph Angel: It’s cologne and I think it smells good.
Blue: I think it smells funny. Maybe you put too much on.

Darla: Did you even consider my son hearing these things about his mother? What I used to do. Who I used to be.
Nova: Your identity is safe Darla.
Darla: You wrote that I used to steal to feed my addiction but you just published a book full of memories that you have stolen. You’re a thief.
Nova: Darla…
Darla: Do not touch me! Don’t ever come near me or Blue again. You are lower than I ever was.

Tia will be welcome here any time to visit Micah.


Nova: I hope it’s not too late to call.
Chantal: No, but it depends on why you’re calling.
Nova: Just wondering if you wanted to get together after all? Come over?
Chantal: Wow. You do know where I’m at, Nova, right?
Nova: Yes.
Chantal: Then why didn’t you just come here, to me? So now you want to call late, have me leave and come to you like we’re Tinder buddies or something? No. You always did want everything done on your terms, Nova.

Isabel: I’m stepping down because I know a brick wall coming at me when I see one.
Charley: You didn’t choose this. They got to you somehow, didn’t they?
Isabel: That highway can’t be stopped. There’s too many deep pockets that want to get deeper that are fully invested in ensuring that it happens.

Rhonda: Miss Nova, I love you and I’m so sorry, but Miss Violet ain’t changed her mind about you visiting. Same as yesterday and the day before.
Nova: Okay, I hear you but could you just please tell Aunt Vi or Hollywood that I…
Rhonda: It’s no use. As soon as I say, “Nova said,” I get a hand to the face and a frosty attitude. She ain’t ready to hear from you. I’m sorry.

Queen Sugar Quotes

The way I see it, as long as you're not hurting nobody, everybody got a right to keep something between themselves and God. You need something to be able to talk about on Judgement Day.


Nova: My intention wasn’t to hurt anyone.
Violet: You have done some things in your day, child, but this... Your Daddy would be ashamed and your Mama. Your Mama would do what I’m about to. You need to leave, right now.
Nova: I didn’t tell Jimmy…
Violet: Stop it! I don’t want to look at you. I don’t want to talk to you. Not right now, not tomorrow. The way I’m feeling even ten years can’t put enough distance between us.
Nova: Aunt Vi…
Violet: Don’t darken my doorstep. Don’t bring no flowers to my grave. I don’t need you disturbing any more of my peace. This is the last time I let you in this house, Nova Bordelon.