The powers that be are not just scared. They're terrified. As should you be.


That is some serious secret squirrel stuff.


Deeks: So we're being forced to work with an assassination team.
Callen: Looks that way.

You went outside the lines and it was noticed.


Kensi: Picking on the new guy, huh?
Turk: I may cry. Keep it up.

Callen: That means I'm going to have to apologize to Turk.
Sam: Well, he did save your life.

This racism thing's really working out for you, huh?

Sam [to Lawford]

Ochoa: In this business, you have to walk a long tightrope.
Turk: You want easy, go work for the Post Office.

Try not to burn this one.

Ochoa [to Sam]