Mosley: How long would you keep talking if no one stopped you?
Deeks: Many before you have tried to find out.

Kensi: This is not just any victim. It's a Navy lieutenant on U.S.
Deeks: That's not good.
Kensi: Not good at all.

Sam: It's a big risk if she smuggled [classified documents] out.
Callen: It's a risk that got her killed.

Kensi: Not all girls like pink. I didn't.
Deeks: That's a shocker.

Callen: This house doesn't scream "international spy." But then, what house does?
Sam: Yours.

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Hidoko: Plans change.
Mosley: Some do, some don't.

Callen: What have we had the Challenger for? Five years?
Sam: We got a new one last year.
Callen: We did? I didn't notice.

Try not to burn the building down while I'm gone.


Some people mediate,some do yoga, I play Halo 5 with my teammates.

Anna [to Callen]

Anna: I'm like Gollum? Really?
Callen: Get in the car, precious.

Eric: There's no way to alert Sam or get him any weapons.
Nell: We may have overplayed our hand this time.

You know a lot about a business that you know nothing about.

Deeks [to Lucila]

NCIS: Los Angeles Quotes

Hanna: And you're sure Garrison is in Santa Barbara?
Callen: If Garrison had done this, there wouldn't be any bodies.

Deeks: There's a great hotel there that takes dogs if you want to come.
Kensi: Um, oh, wow.