Kensi: It's an LAPD thing.
Eric: Well, Nell's got a case thing, so, chop, chop.

Sam: Only a handful of guys in the world that can pull this off.
Callen: A handful of guys and one woman.

Harley: What happened?
Jackson: I got tied up at work.

Deeks: Seriously? It just does not end with you.
Guy: Nah.

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Souza: Killing me is not a good idea.
Sam: I disagree.

Callen: What can I say. I bring out the passion in [women].
Sam: And the crazy.

Just so we're clear, I don't believe you. Not a word.

Callen [to Joelle]

Joelle: You're not going to believe me.
Sam: That's a given.

[Joelle] fooled you once, boys. Don't let it happen again.

Mosley [to Sam and Callen]

You're not upset because I betrayed you. You're upset because you didn't figure it out.

Joelle [to Callen]

Speaking of female entrapment, here comes the black widow now.

Deeks [to Kensi]

Now I'm really worried about my boat.

Sam [to Harley]

NCIS: Los Angeles Quotes

Nell: Sounds like you need a Scooby Snack.
Eric: Relll!

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Anna: No gunshots.
Callen: No gunshots.