[on Violet] I saw everything, officer. It was clearly self-defense.


[to Amanda] Don't you ever get tired of falsely accusing people? Even the lord rested on the seventh day.


From here on, a wall is going up between us. A figurative wall because I can't afford a real one.


I like David a lot... but I can't ignore his dark side anymore.


You guys have these... crazy snooping tools that would freak even Dick Cheney out.


Michael: Let me guess: you ran into each other at a support group for women that faked their own deaths.

David: You'd destroy an innocent woman's career to save your own ass?
Michael: I've done a lot worse.

Innocent people get arrested all the time.


Ella: Jonah is like the most honest human being I know.
Amanda: Coming from you, that isn't saying much.

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