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PRESTON: "How's your father O'Malley, anything new?"
GEORGE: "He needs an endoscopy, and Bailey won't let me be the intern on his case. But she said I could pick someone else, and I was wondering if Cristina could be the intern on his case."
PRESTON: "That shouldn't be a problem."
CRISTINA: "Uh, yes it is! We have corartendoctonectomy scheduled at noon."
PRESTON: "I'll push it, O'Malley's father deserves the best!"

"It's the car's fault, okay?! SUV's have blind spots the size of Jupiter! And yellin' and fightin' and placin' blame is not goin' to help your child!"


GEORGE: "I can't believe you just decanulated a heart all by yourself."
CRISTINA: "I didn't decanulate the heart by myself. I assisted Dr. Burke, who decanulated the heart."
GEORGE: "Why are you being modest? Modest looks weird on you."
CRISTINA: "It's no big deal, George."

IZZIE: "Tell me again why you put up with this crap?"
ALEX: "Because one of these days he's gonna crack and let me in on a case."
IZZIE: "You sure you wanna do plastics that badly?"
MARK: "There you are! What, did you go all the way to New York for my pastrami?"
ALEX: "Extra spicy, extra lettuce, light on the mayo."

ADDISON: "Did you see that?"
ADDISON: "Sloan. He's using his interns to pick up his dry cleaning, and his lunch!"
RICHARD: [leaves] "I've got to do an endoscopy."

MEREDITH: "You're probably not gonna want to be friends with me anymore, because the sheer intensity of my happiness will make my teeth hurt, but that's okay, because life is good. Life is good! [pauses] What's going on?"
IZZIE: "George's dad got admitted last night."
MEREDITH: "Oh my god! Is he okay?"

RICHARD: "Dr. Grey."
MEREDITH: "Chief!"
ELLIS: [jumps up] "Richard!"
RICHARD: "The nurse sayd she hasn't been eating."
ELLIS: "Mmm! You wonderful man!"
RICHARD: "I'm interrupting! I'll go-"
MEREDITH: "No! Chief, You stay and I'll go."

MEREDITH: "Mom, the nurses tell me you haven't been eating."
ELLIS: "No time, I've been in the OR all morning, and I've got back-to-back surgeries the rest of the day. So-"
MEREDITH: "Look, I'm sorry that I haven't been visiting, It's just that I've been-"
ELLIS: "I don't have tome to cuddle you right now. I'm trying to save lives here. Do you understand? Do you?"

DEREK: "We can take it slow. We can take it incredibly slow."
MEREDITH: "We're taking it slower than that! We're starting fresh!"
DEREK: "And starting fresh means no sex, because..."
MEREDITH: "Because we started with sex last time, and that didn't go so well. Plus the waiting is fun, and we need fun. From now on I want to be bright and shiny."
DEREK: "Mmm... bright and shiny, huh?"

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