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MARK: "How're you doing, Mr. Jeffries?"
FRANK: "Oh, Frank's doin' okay. He'd be doin' alot better if the twins were even."
ALEX: "Uh... twins?"
FRANK: "Frank's new pecs."
IZZIE: "Who is Frank?"
FRANK: "You're lookin' at him!"

ADDISON: "So, I'm still wearing your rings. I think they're stuck."
DEREK: "Have you tried soap? I hear it's good and slippery."
ADDISON: "You are a very strange person, Derek."
DEREK: "I'm just bright and shiny, Addison. Bright and shiny!"

CRISTINA: "I'm scrubbing in on a surgery with Dr. Burke this morning."
MIRANDA: "Of course you are. Karev, Sloan. Grey, Pit. Stevens, shadow Karev. And let me remind you again of the rules of your probation."
ALEX: "I think she knows the rules, Dr. Bailey."
MIRANDA: "No touching patients, no talking to patients, no rolling your eyes at patients, or your superiors."

DEREK: "Hey! Good Morning Addison!"
ADDISON: "What's that supposed to mean?"
DEREK: "It's a greeting. Used in civilized cultures by their civilized inhabitants."
ADDISON: "You're smiling."
DEREK: "Yeah, it's called happiness. I understand why you wouldn't recognize it."
ADDISON: "Woah, woah, woah, wait, wait wait. We're, uh, being mature about this."
DEREK: "Yes, we are going to peacefully coexist in this hospital. Unless you've reconsidered moving back to New York. [pauses] Okay then, we will peacefully coexist."
ADDISON: "Interesting."

RONNIE: "That sounds dangerous, Is that dangerous?"
GEORGE: "No, it's not dangerous."
RONNIE: "Look, I didn't ask you, I asked the doctor."
JERRY: "Yeah, let the doctors speak, Georgey."
GEORGE: "White coat. Let's look at the white coat!"

"And so then I just, I just popped his shoulder right back in! He didn't even flinch! Your brother is hard core."


ALEX: "Dr. Stevens is shadowing me today, so-"
IZZIE: "Which one of these cases do you need us on?"
MARK: "It's a really tragic one. I found out just this morning that I have over two weeks worth of dry cleaning that needs to be picked up. Stat."
ALEX: "Cool, that's it?"
MARK: "See, we're like a well-oiled machine, you and me. I also need you two to get me a sandwich from that pathetic excuse for a deli. You know the one I like, Karev. Oh, and go easy on the mayo this time. I think you're trying to kill me."

GEORGE: "I don't see why I can't at least help with my dad's endoscopy!"
MIRANDA: "What part about no working with family do you not understand?"
GEORGE: "I'm not asking to do the procedure-"
MIRANDA: "Fine. Pick an intern. I'm being kind. You want an intern assigned to your Dad's case? Who do you want? Right now! Pick an intern!"

CRISTINA: "Your dad better get something interesting wrong with him real fast."
GEORGE: "You are sick. You are a sick, horrible person!"

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