Rosalee: Nick, it’s the strongest poison I know of.
Monroe: Supposedly, just this side of nuclear.
Nick [emphatically]: Let’s do it!

Marie Kessler: What you think you have to do is not what must be done. Trubel is right.
Kelly Burkhardt: He can’t take from you, it has to be given *to* him.
Marie Kessler: That is why he has taken everyone you loved, Nick. So that you would give him what he wants.
Kelly Burkhardt: If you do this, you would sacrifice the world to endless pain and suffering.
Marie Kessler: The world you saw in the other place.
Nick: I want my friends back… I want Adalind… and Diana… I want my *son*! I want them all back!
Kelly Burkhardt: You *can* defeat him.
Nick: I tried! I can’t!
Kelly & Marie [simultaneously]: You can!
Kelly Burkhardt: With the strength of one’s blood!

Nick: Whatever the reason, Adalind is not going in there. We have to find another way.
Monroe: Like what, Nick? Some *other* magic mirror-unlocking gizmo?!
Nick: Why not?

German. Shoulda known!

Mason Wilcox: I didn’t kill her!
Nick: Then why’d you run?
Hank: Don’t you know we *hate* that?

Nick: I had this… weird feeling.
Wu: What kinda weird feeling?
Nick: *Not* normal weird.
Wu: Yeah, but when *you* get a weird feeling, it’s different from when *I* get a weird feeling.
Hank: I’m gettin’ a weird vibe here, too…
Wu: Okay, now I’m getting a weird vibe feeling. But I don’t know if it’s yours or mine.

Adalind: You know, what if this thing isn’t afraid of Grimms? [long beat] You know, I kinda like you with the stubble.
Nick [instantly]: Me, too!

Eve: Did you see that?!
Nick: Swirling blue tornado, a skull-like dude with green eyes staring right at us?! Yes, I saw that!
Eve: You’ve never seen anything like that in your mirror before?!

Eve: How about the first kiss?
Rosalee: That was… that was nice.
Nick: Nice? No, that was *epic*. I would know, because I was there!

Eve: Do you think the Seven Grimm Crusaders knew what they had?
Nick: It’s probably why they buried it.

Hank: Someone woke up in a bad mood, smashed a guy’s head into the pavement.
Nick: You’re happy about this?
Hank: No! But I’ll take a cold-blooded murder over an unsolvable ancient riddle about the universe *any* day. The only Big Bang Theory I wanna deal with is one from a gun.

Hank: I think whatever it is was in his head, and it’s a little late to nail *that* shut…
Nick: So you’re thinking it’s just mental?
Hank: No, I'm never *just* thinking that… But one could always hope…

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Come on let's have a brew. And, by the way, you're paying for that window.


Why can't you look at her ass like the rest of us?