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The Coffin
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George O'Malley looks to be done for. This coffin belongs to him, and the rest of the Seattle Grace staff is there to grieve.

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    I want George back.I will stop watching if George does not return. That would be so neat.


    I sure hope this is a screw up some where and George isn't really gone. I just loved him. It won't be the same with out him.


    a will still love greys no matter what happens but george is leavin because he wanted to because things with him n shonda arent good especially after the isiah thing, izzie comes back to life obviously, mer-der dont get married, they keep it as a postit note, callie n sydney are gettin more serious n stay together n mer goes awall n leaves for a bit cause she needs to go have the baby in real life, in the magazine a read shonda said she was tryin to find ways to get rid of the charecters so a think greys is comin to an end soon, al be so depressed.
    but a still love greys, rip george (L)


    I was hoping they wouldn't actually kill off the charachter. Maybe just let him leave with the hope of some day returning.
    It's just depressing, and right when it seemed he was heading into a decent story line. I'm with McMoome.
    So cliche. You'd think they could have come up with something else.


    What a hero, tho. He saved that woman from the bus. When i figured out it was him i couldnt believe it. He's amazing, i miss him already. George. xxx


    Why? Why? Why? He was the best character!! I want George O´Malley back!!


    *heart sinks into stomach*


    he isn't that important anyway!


    Why do this to george i dont undestand this show is going down.


    It's really stupid, the show is going on just great n fine and then a very important character gets out cuz of a stupid contract.....I don't think it'll be the same without's just loosing it totaly Grey's is loosing its charm