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Scott McCall lived the life of an normal teenage boy until a mysterious animal attacked him one night and has now turned him into a werewolf. He discovers a whole new world that not many people know about; although he does tell his best friend, Stiles. He also soon finds out the dangers of being a werewolf and finds out that there is an entire team of werewolf hunters, one of them being the father of his girlfriend, Allison.

Scott McCall Quotes

Stiles: You couldn't catch his scent?
Scott: I don't think he has one.

Nobody trusts anyone. That's the problem!


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cant wait till june 3rd so i can watch teen wolf season 3, i love tyler posy and dylan o'brien, im team scotiles for life :)


Oh my gosh. Can't wait until Teen Wolf 3.I hope there will be two of Scott. I LOVE YOU SCOTT (Tyler Posey)

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