Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Jo's Best Episode Yet!

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Jo finally faced her ultimate fear on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 9.

Paul checked in at Grey Sloan Memorial, and he may be staying for a while. He's also as despicable as we imagined.

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Join TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Stacy Glanzman, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss Camilla Luddington's fantastic performance, the hacking resolution, and more.

If you had to grade Jo's domestic abuse storyline during this episode, what would you grade it and why?

Paul: I would go with an A. It was a well-executed hour that gave Camilla Luddington her best material yet. The story was shocking, and you could tell it all came rushing back for Jo.

Stacy: I agree, A. It was handled very well and Camilla really did a great job expressing Jo's fear and anxiety. I loved Meredith's reaction when she realized it was him, and how she was there for Jo through it all by telling her she knows who she is and fake calling security.

I also have to give props to Matthew Morrison. He pulled off "scary douchebag" incredibly well. I think he may have ruined Will Schuester for me.

Jasmine: B. The actual storyline was great.I completely agree with both of you guys about it being the best of Camilla Luddington yet and the relationship with Meredith. I just felt it should have been the primary focus of the episode. So the execution and pacing of it because of the other stuff going on is what let me down.

I agree with Stacy about Matthew. Mr. Schuester has been ruined for me forever!

Killer Smile - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 9

Do you believe anyone at Grey Sloan Memorial has anything to do with Paul's hit & run?

Paul: Yes, I think the first intern Alex sent after Jo did it. She witnessed Jo's reaction as Paul performed the surgery, and I think she realized what was going on and took swift action.

Stacy: I actually think it might be his fiance. Jo's words may have gotten to her and she might not have felt there was any other way out of her relationship with him.

Jasmine: I love it, Paul! All that How to Get Away With Murder is getting to you. I agree with Stacy. I think it's the fiancee, Jenny. She was very receptive to Jo's words in the waiting room.

What are your thoughts on the Hack resolution? What is your impression of Casey?

Paul: It was great! The FBI wanted to drag it out and catch the bad guys, but Bailey and Casey teaming up was great. Casey seems like a great addition to the roster of characters.

Stacy: I loved it too. I didn't like the hack storyline as a whole because it's so overdone, but the resolution was great, and I liked Casey and Bailey's interactions. It was really funny when she was questioning what he could have done.

Jasmine: I'm glad the hacking story is over with because as a whole, I wasn't a fan. But I loved Casey and Bailey interacting. Fictional hackers are some of my favorite characters depending on what I'm watching. They were a great duo, and I find Casey stands out from the other interns now, and it's for the better.

Boy, Bye! - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 9

Jackson finally made a move, and Maggie shut it down. How do you feel about this development in their relationship? Is this the end of Jaggie?

Paul: Maggie's points made sense. Everything is working against them, and there's no telling how it could divide their social and family circle if it goes South. I don't think this is the end, however, and the plot will continue for another while yet.

Stacy: I hope it's the end. I was never on board with it, and their obvious attempts at throwing them together felt way too forced. I mean, come on, the whole scene of them having to sit and wait for scrubs in their towels was just silly (though I'll never complain about seeing Jackson in a towel).

Jasmine: I appreciate the movement, and Maggie's points did make sense. I just don't think this is the last of it. If anything, it's just a beginning. Sorry, Stacy. Jackson in a towel is the only thing that kept me invested in the utterly ridiculous screentime devoted to the two of them sitting in a locker room in their towels.

What, if anything, interests you about this Sam and Andrew hate sex plot? Is it worth salvaging or should it be scrapped?

Paul: Surprisingly, I like them together. The pair clearly have feelings for each other, and I'm guessing it will be explored further now that they're working together.

Stacy: I don't like it. If you hadn't have asked the question, I probably would have forgotten it was even in the episode. I think they should scrap it.

Jasmine: Agreed, Stacy. Burn it with fire.

What was your favorite moment and/or quote from the episode?

Paul: My favorite moment was Paul being brought into the hospital after the hit and run. One word: Karma.

Stacy: I think I have to go with Jo's panic after Paul said all that stuff about her to Meredith, and Meredith telling Jo that she knows who she is, and wasn't about to believe Paul's lies.

Jasmine: That was one of my favorite moments too, Stacy. I'll go with Jo's panic at the beginning of the episode. I loved the way we could barely hear Paul's voice droning on, and we just saw Jo in complete shock. Everything about that scene was powerful.

Do you agree with our roundtable? Disagree? Discuss below in the comments! Check back in later this week for our Grey's Anatomy review of an all-new episode!

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