Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Welcome Home, Farouk!

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Amelia lived to see another day.

On Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 4, Amelia's surgery was a success, she and Owen made some improvements, and Megan had a heartwarming reunion with her son. It also happened to be one of the funniest installments in a while.

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Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Paul Dailly, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss "Ain't That A Kick In the Head."

Did you like the way they handled Amelia's tumor and surgery? Should it have been drawn out more or was it just right?

Stacy: I thought it was done well. It didn't need to be drawn out anymore. Showing it all over one episode is the best way to go. We all knew she was going to be okay, so drawing it out over multiple episodes would have been unnecessary. I liked seeing the stages of her recovery, especially Andrew showing her the tumor and helping her realize that she's okay now.

Paul: Yeah, it successfully put us right into Amelia's shoes as she tried to complete her recovery. Like Stacy said, it would have been silly to drag it on for dear life.

Jasmine: I agree with the others. It was a relief that they didn't drag it out longer than necessary. Amelia needed to be redeemed for lack of a better word, so it was her shot to shine. Caterina Scorsone was amazing.

What are your predictions for Amelia and Owen's relationship moving forward?

Stacy: That's tough. They're basically starting over from scratch. They have a lot to discuss, and they'll need to figure out how they really feel about each other. Also, Amelia will have to figure out if she wants kids now that the tumor is gone. My guess is they'll stay together for now, but they'll need to take things slow. I don't think they'll rush to get divorced right away.

Paul: It could really go either way. Owen wants to give it a chance because he was ready to say goodbye to her for the way she was acting. But, he really does not know what she's really like, so there's a chance they could find their way back to the way they once were. There's also the possibility they don't like each other that way. Time will tell.

Jasmine: I agree that time will tell. I expected nothing less from Owen as far as tending to Amelia. I think they'll stay together, but Amelia will be spending a lot of time trying to figure herself out. So, Owen will be in this weird limbo again, but it'll be less grating to watch.

How much did you enjoy Megan and Farouk's reunion? What do you think it means for Riggs, Megan, and Meredith?

Stacy: I loved it! Seriously, that was easily my favorite scene. Her reaction was amazing, and I definitely felt a little choked up watching them. I'm so glad she has him back so she can focus on her recovery.

As for what it means for the triangle, who knows? Meredith seems intent to step aside and let Riggs and Megan see if they still have something, so my guess is that's how it will be for now. Megan and Riggs will probably take some time to get to know each other again and see if Riggs bonds with Farouk.

Paul: That was so emotional. Megan felt so detached from reality because all she wanted was to be reunited with Farouk. She will likely warm more towards Nathan because he did the impossible for her. I have to give credit to Meredith for the way she is handling the whole situation. It's not easy, but Meredith knows she would want Derek if he miraculously returned from the dead.

Jasmine: I could not stop smiling when Megan hugged Farouk. It was such a precious scene. Nathan has already taken to Farouk, and they all looked like a family by the end. Meredith appeared to enjoy their familial moment too.

I'm just curious as to what will happen when Megan inevitably leaves. What if Farouk is all she needed after all? What if she plans on resettling somewhere else? I don't think her relationship with Nathan will be as simple as Meredith seems to think.

Do you like the friendships forming between different characters (Amelia and Andrew, Ben and Jo etc.,)?

Stacy: Yeah, I really liked Andrew in this episode. He was very supportive and stood up to Tom on her behalf (too bad he couldn't hear her thoughts, but it was still a meaningful gesture). I liked Jo and Ben sharing their secrets too, even if Ben didn't give her as much as she gave him.

Paul: Surprisingly, I'm enjoying all of the characters and their interactions. The show finally has the right balance of drama, humor and lighthearted moments. This is the Grey's Anatomy I liked all those years ago.

Jasmine: I agree with Paul. So far, there hasn't been a single character who has gotten on my nerves. That never happens. Even the characters that bug me have been cool. I like the friendship between Jo and Ben, but Andrew made me fall in love with him more than I already am because he was the guy (and doctor) he used to be in his early days. He was such a supportive friend to Amelia. I hope to see more of their new bond.

Millionaire Jackson

On a scale of 1 to 10, how awkward was that family dinner with Jackson and Maggie?

Stacy: 8. It was pretty awkward, but Jackson didn't seem to mind. I really hope they're not trying to put these two together. I just don't see it. They're great as friends, and they should stay that way.

Paul: 10. I'm with Stacy on this one. They need to keep these characters as friends or it's going to ruin a good thing.

Jasmine: 8. I felt for Maggie listening to Richard and Catherine bicker about her presence. Jackson didn't mind at all though. I like the two of them interacting regardless of the context. It would probably be best if they stayed friends though. I'm game for them being a version of Meredith and Alex.

What was the funniest moment?

Stacy: "Do you know who the president is?" "I wish I didn't."

Tom: Do you know where you are?
Amelia: I'm at work.
Tom: Do you know who the president is?
Amelia: I wish I didn't.
Tom: Very good.

Paul: Meredith opening a can of whoop ass on the guard to allow Farouk into the country.

Jasmine: I laughed at that one too, Stacy. The dog jumping out of the bag and running across the table had me in hysterics. It was so unexpected, and the dog was so cute.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 4 Quotes

Amelia: Meredith, if I die --
Mer: You are not gonna die.
Amelia: OK, but if I do, you call my mom, I'm sorry, but she likes you. And you [looks at Maggie] take my room. It is way better. I kinda scammed you on that.
Maggie: Stop it.
Alex: She's right, it's way better.
Amelia: Owen, if I'm gorked, do not overthink it, do not visit me, just park me somewhere and go on with your life.
Owen: Amelia, please, cut it out.
Amelia: And if I need unplugging, April has been named my power of attorney.

Meredith: Are you sure you don't want me to call your mom?
Amelia: No. She didn't come for my wedding, she doesn't get to come for my tumor.