Days of Our Lives Round Table: Will Brady and Theresa Survive?

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Rafe had nightmares while trying to save Hope, the search for Tate continued while Brady and Theresa tore one another apart on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Fossie from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Rafe’s dream, who kidnapped Tate and whether Brady and Theresa will survive after last week in Salem. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Rank the "Rafe’s dream" episode from a 1 (truly awful) to 10 (I loved it.)

Jack: How about -10? I found it boring, tedious and ridiculous.

Christine: 2. I like Rafe and Hope but even I have to admit that this episode was a boring waste of time. 

Fossie: A 3 and that’s being generous. Rate and Hope are okay but Hope was unconscious and Rafe was talking to people who weren’t really there. I found myself wanting to fast forward a lot. 

Rafe Scrambles To Save Hope - Days of Our Lives

Will Brady and Theresa survive as a couple?

Jack: I am trying to be optimistic here but it really doesn’t look like it. The things they say to each other and the way they treat each other can't be undone if/when Tate is found.

Christine: I’ll be surprised if they survive this. I think they love one another but Brady often belittles Theresa or acts as though she’s overreacting and I think she’s had enough of it.

Fossie: I want them to work as a couple because of Tate but they just don’t. They don’t trust or respect each other enough to make it in the long haul. I’ll be surprised if they survive this drama with Tate. 

Who do you think kidnapped Tate?

Jack: I think it may be Anna Dimera or another villain from the past. I agree with Steve. Victor and Summer are too obvious.

Christine: I hadn’t even thought of Anna! That’s a good one. I thought it was funny when my daughter asked why no one was looking at Deimos since he’s a bad guy and always looking to hurt Victor. It’s a long shot but certainly possible.

Fossie: I think it’s Kristen, even though the actress is on The Young and the Restless. She doesn’t actually have to be present for Days to use the character in this storyline. 

Do you believe Aiden when he says he didn’t think Andre would try to kill Rafe when he asked Andre to take care of him?

Jack: Absolutely. Aiden has weaknesses that Andre exploits but is not a murderer. I think he thought Andre would expose Rafe’s part in Stefano's death.

Christine: No. Aiden isn’t that stupid. Andre wanted Hope dead and when Aiden wouldn’t do it he hired someone else to get it done. Aiden should have no illusions about what “take care of Rafe” means.

Fossie: No and it was humorous how Aiden felt bad about Andre “killing” Rafe for all of 30 seconds before worrying that he might be implicated. Aiden is no longer the character we were introduced to a couple of years ago. Aiden is all about Aiden. 

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem.

Jack: The Aiden bashing/Rafe propping from absolutely everybody was obnoxious. There was way too much Rafe/Hope and not enough of other stories. I want to see Jenn hire Aiden and get him out of this horrible storyline.

Christine: I was both relieved and disappointed that we didn’t see more of the custody case for Thomas, mostly because I hope Chad rips Jennifer to pieces for her nonsense.

Fossie: That JJ wouldn’t even talk to Chad about what might be best for Thomas. Even if he thinks his mother is right (which she isn’t), it was rude to shut Chad down and walk away. Why make Chad the enemy?

Searching for Tate - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline?

Jack: JJ standing up to Chad's manipulations. Kate and Marlena's coffee/session was a close second.

Christine: I loved that Steve was now involved in searching for Tate. I liked seeing him as part of the team and they needed someone with an outside perspective. I also like that he has Victor’s respect.

Fossie: Marlena and Theresa’s hypnosis session. It was good to see Marlena showing Theresa some respect and compassion. I hope they have more sessions soon. 

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