Kate: Well, you know, I... I understood that she was distracted because she was grieving, but I really thought she had put her mental problems behind her.
Vivian: Oh, that girl's always been one hop, skip, and jump away from Looneyville. Look at her family. Look at her grandmother.
Kate: That's true. Laura is as crazy as they come.

Abigail: Why are you kissing me? Why am I wearing this wig? Why am I dressed like this?
Stefan: Calm down.
Abigail: No! You get the hell away from me!

Chad: Look, none of this is Abigail's fault.
Gabi: Nothing is ever her fault, is it?

Oh Abigail. It was you, wasn't it? It's been you all along.


Vivian: What happened to you? When I first brought you here, you were strong and ruthless. But she's changed you.
Stefan: Don't worry. I'm as strong and ruthless as I've ever been. But you're right about one thing. My love for Gabby has changed me.

Abigail: Chad! Help me! I need you! Chad!
Andre: Abigail. I'll help you.

Claire has my vote, but you have me. I choose you, Ciara. I want to be with you.


Claire: What's got her knickers in a knot? The way she's acting, you'd think you voted for me.
Ciara: He did vote for you!
Claire: Oh my God! No wonder she's breathing fire.

Gabby: I think it's clear that I've accepted reality and you haven't.
Chad: Yeah? What reality is that?
Gabby: Gabi's guilty verdict. Sooner or later you have to accept it and you have to move on.

Stefan: Everything all right?
Marlena: Of course it's not. The person we both know is Abigail knocked me out while you were confessing to killing your brother. I assume you dragged me down here, locked me in. So what happens next?

Well, Kate, I'm sorry you're missing Andre, but I'm pretty sure you're the only one around here that does.


Stefan: Beautiful. Very talented.
Gabby: Well, you inspire me.
Stefan: I'm glad. But you know, wearing a wig in the house--Chad could come in any minute.
Gabby: I know, but I feel more like myself with it on. You should understand that more than anyone. Sam.

Days of Our Lives Quotes

Yes, Theo, I did just ask you to rig the contest in my favor. Because I'm losing, that's why. And to Ciara, of all people.


You are so lucky that you're so damn cute.