Xander: Maggie and I have become friends. It turns out we have a lot in common.
Nicole: I can't imagine what you have in common with her and I don't want to know. I just wanted to tell you that you no longer have any power over me. You are not going to interfere with my happiness with Eric anymore.

Jack: What are you doing here? You already ate the place out of pot roast at lunch, remember?
Rolf: Forgive me. I have been away from civilization for too long. But I am not here for a meal break. The serum is ready.

Brady: Everything you said is true. Even when you were pretending to be Nicole, part of me knew it was you. I felt your pull. I felt your connection. I feel it right now. You are the fire I can't fight and that is why I came here tonight.
Kristen: I knew it.
Brady: STOP! Let me finish. I'm feeling what I'm feeling and I want what I want but I hate it. I hate that I tried with every fiber of my being not to be here, yet here I am. I fight every damn day against the desire to drink. I want it so bad that I can almost taste it, just like I can almost taste you.
Kristen: I would never hurt you. I would make you happy. [Holds up the glass] Drink some. Drink me.

Jack: Eve told me I would have regrets if I got my memories back. Well, now I have regrets and no memory!
Jen: No! You're the stubbornest man I ever met, remember? You are not giving up.

Vivian: You have made a good impression, and I don't make compliments lightly.
Eve: Then I'll return the favor. You look good for someone who's been dead for two years.

This wasn't your first rodeo with either of these women. How could you not tell one mare from the other?


Jennifer: Vivian? But Kate shot you and Kayla pronounced you dead at the hospital.
Vivian: That quack got it wrong. It turns out there's some life left in the old girl after all.

Jack: A side effect from the serum is that you lose all your memories.
Vivian: Fascinating. Anyone want a drink?
Jack: Wait... how do you know that Kate shot you?
Vivian: Because I had a hole in my chest.
Jack: I mean, do you remember shooting her or did Dr. Rolf tell you about it?

Now that he's gone, would you like to tell Mother why you sent a serial killer to rescue her?


Vivian: Any luck with the phone?
Eric: No.
Vivian: Give it to me.
Eric: Why?
Vivian: Do you have to be so unpleasant? I'm grateful that you stepped in front of that gun and saved my life. Now I'm trying to return the favor.

Nicole: You're great with Holly.
Eric: I was worried she might be traumatized, but she seems okay.
Nicole: I tried to do my best to protect her and to keep her from knowing we were in danger or we were being held against our will.

Victor: What the hell are you doing?
Xander: I told Sarah I wanted to be a better man. I'll rough anyone up, but I can't kill anyone. Not right now, anyway.

Days of Our Lives Quotes

Hope: Where are you going?
Rafe: I'm gonna find Ted and then I'm gonna kill him.
Hope: Of course. It's a lot easier to run away and throw punches at Ted than stay here and fight for our marriage.

You had blackout sex!