Jack: You are the one who is pregnant. It's your body and your decision.
Gwen: But Abigail seems to think it's her decision.

John: Ever since Stefano got ahold of me and trained me to be the Pawn, I knew I was capable of murder. I'd learned to control it but with this aneurysm... I could be a danger to everybody I love. Even you.
Marlena: You would never -
John: I need to know if I'm a murderer or not.

Sami: Susan Banks saw us.
Lucas: Susan Banks? You got this, Sami. Going up against her is like Voldemort going against Bugs Bunny.

So let me get this straight. She stole a gun, went up to Charlie's apartment, and then left the gun there. And you believe her because her Mommy and Daddy said so.


Chanel: You should slow down on the drinking. My life's falling apart too but you don't see me drinking all day long.
Xander: Why? What's wrong with you?
Chanel: My mom cut off my credit cards and wants me to get a job.
Xander: You lost your credit cards? Oh, what a bloody tragedy. Here. [Gives her his wallet.] Here's some new credit cards.

Belle: I'm not going to let Jan Spears send my dad to prison.
John: And I'm not going to let Jan go free!
Belle: It's not up to you. It's up to me.
John: If you don't call Shawn to arrest her, I'm going to go to the police station and file charges myself.
Belle: You can't do that. She didn't do anything to you.
John: So I'll lie.

Sami: And now Sydney's gone off to school and it's just the two of us [her and EJ]... I shouldn't be telling you this.
Lucas: Of course you should. You gotta tell somebody. And I'm 100% on your side.
Sami: Are you on my side? About this though?
Lucas: Of course I am.
Sami: You've gotta understand, it's been hard for EJ. You have to understand how much pain he's in and he is so proud and he pretends he's not and sometimes he can't help it. He needs my help when he has no other choice and he hates that. He's mad all the time. He's mad at the pain and at being so helpless and he's mad at the world. And I can understand that. I can. In my head, I understand it. But sometimes in my heart it feels like he's mad at me. I keep telling myself it'll get better but that's not what happened. It's not just the pain. It's like something got twisted up inside of him and now he pushes me away.
Lucas: Objectively speaking, that sounds like hell.
Sami: It is and all I can do is sit and watch.
Lucas: You're not just sitting and watching it. You're living it. You've done everything you can for that man. Look, if someone's drowning and they try to take you down with them and you push them away, that's not giving up. That's survival.

“I knew I should have hired Carrie.”


Sami: I knew I could trust you!
Rafe: Yeah? Is that why you lied to me?
Sami: You're never gonna let that go, are you? Could you just go tell Trask and see if she'll let me go now?
Rafe: I will talk to Trask. I want you out of my station and out of my hair.

Claire: So I was sitting in the Square and Chanel wanted to drink champagne and she said she was buying, so I thought why not?
Belle: And you didn't think it was strange that some random girl wanted to drink champagne with you in the middle of the day?

Jan: John killed Marlena?
Shawn: We were going to call him the Salem Strangler, but that name was already taken.

Rex: Xander already knows. He walked in on me and Sarah having sex.
Roman: Doesn't anyone lock their doors anymore?