Gabi: I’m not going to do anything illegal!
Sonny: Of course you are because you always do.

Ben: Who are you going to pick for your Maid of Honor?
Ciara: That's a good question. My whole life has been you for a while, which makes thinking of other friends to ask challenging.

You know, I used to be afraid of you because you were so powerful. But now I'm afraid of you because you are so damn stupid and it's dangerous.


Lani: It's weird. Julie can be a -
Eli: Pain in the booty?
Lani: Well, yes, but she can also be very comforting.

Steve: He was already proposing to her. HE WAS ON THE KNEE! What was I supposed to do?
Jack: So you rush in there, tell Justin to get out of the way, and then you get on your own knee.

Do you want to adopt my baby?


Sonny: So how long have you been thinking about marriage?
Justin: Not long. It's in the air. Eli proposed to Lani and as you know, Eric and Nicole are engaged.
Sonny: So all the cool kids are doing it, is that it?
Justin: Thank you for thinking I'm seventeen. But no. It's just that life is short, you know, and things can change in a heartbeat.

How do you look so beautiful the day after you were negotiating for your husband's life?


Gabi: Rolf said maybe someone else brought you back from the dead.
Jake: First of all, I've never been dead so no one brought me back. Second, your husband's heart was ripped out and given to someone else. And do you really think there's a gaggle of mad scientists lined up resurrecting people?

Eric: Someone has to tell Sami we're engaged. Mom, how about you?
Marlena: Me? No, she'll know it came from you. I think Will should do it.
Will: Me?
Marlena: Sure. You could just bring it up in conversation like you thought she already knew.
Will: Why don't we draw straws?
Nicole: You are all scared of Sami!
Will: We are not scared! It's just time-consuming, that's all.

I've been sitting here a while and it is so still. No wind, no birds overhead... it reminds me of how you used to get so mad at me you'd cross your arms and turn your back and go silent. That was scarier than when you yelled at me. I know you're crazy about Kayla, but maybe you like her better as a sister-in-law than as my new wife. So I'm going to flat-out say it. I need a sign.


John: You want Kayla back?
Steve: I'm gonna get her.