Abby: I talked to everyone who was at the restaurant that night, and no one remembers seeing anyone but you and Hope.
Jen: Hope was there? Did I see her?
Abby: No, she came in just as you fell. She heard you scream.
Jen: Right. That's the point at which I get stuck too when I try to remember.
Jack: You're not supposed to try to remember. That's the point. The doctors were very clear about that.
Abby: I understand. I'm not trying to upset you, Mom. Or you either. I'm just saying that if there's even a chance that Eve could be telling the truth, that means that the person who hurt you could still be out there.
Jen: Right. Which means I could still be in danger.
Jack: You are not in any danger. You are safe. Eve is a liar. And I'm going to make sure you're going to be fine. Can we just get back to being grateful?
Chad: Yeah. How about this. Jennifer, dark or white meat?

Justin: I know why you're in no hurry to go home, Sonny.
Sonny: Cause Mom's not on the couch watching the parade and laughing at us for running a 5K in the cold when there's coffee and sweet rolls at home.
Justin: It's our first holiday without her. I'm feeling it too.
Sonny: And Will.
Justin: Yeah. Well, one way or the other we are going to get through this. What choice do we have?

Jack: Happy Thanksgiving.
Jen: Happy Thanksgiving. You know, I don't think I've ever had so much to be grateful for.

Xander: Eric may have been the one who created her, but I am the one who was there hold back Sarah's hair when she was suffering from morning sickness and to take care of her during her pregnancy. I was the one who was by her side to hold her hand and tell her how brave and strong she was when she went into labour even though I was terrified. I put her in her mother's arms for the first time and saw Sarah fall in love with her. And I fell in love too. I was head over heels for that baby.
Nicole: I don't doubt how you feel.
Xander: This isn't about how I feel. This is about who I am, the kind of man I've become. I have been there for the 3 AM feedings, for changing her nappies. I have been there for all her firsts. First cry, first laugh. First time she said 'Dada.' And when she said it, she was looking at me. I am her father, in any way that is meaningful.

Let go of me, Ben, or I'm gonna call the guard. [Ben ignores him.] What, are you gonna kill me again?


Ben: I had a run in with my father.
Ciara: I thought he was in solitary.
Ben: Well, he's not anymore. Anyway, we got to talking and I told him how we thought Victor and Xander killed Jordan and that we need leverage
Ciara: You told him?
Ben: Big mistake. He says he's gonna get that leverage by having Xander and Sarah's baby kidnapped.
Ciara: How can Clyde even do that? He's in prison.
Ben: He still has a lot of contacts on the outside. Hopefully my father is just blowing smoke, showing what a big guy he is, but there's a chance he might go through with it. If he does, I need you to try to stop it.
Ciara: Ben, I think it's too late. Xander was here. He almost caught me with the lockbox but then he got a call from Sarah and bolted out of here.
Ben: Did he say Mickey had been kidnapped?
Ciara: No, but he was really upset and I could tell Sarah was too. He told her to call the cops.
Ben: Ciara, I'm sorry.
Ciara: It's not your fault we're both related to a bunch of idiot criminals.

Lani: We all have our sins, including me. I have asked God for forgiveness for what I have done. But my sins are nothing in comparison to those who have sinned against me.
Kristen: Sinned against you? What do you mean?
Lani: I'm talking about Gabi Hernandez. I hope she burns in hell for what she did to me.

Eli: I'm glad the voters chose you as Mayor. I'm sure you have a great commissioner now.
Abe: Yes, but you're still one of the best detectives I know.
Eli: If I'm such a great detective, why can't I figure out why Lani broke my heart?

I've had my fair share of slip-ups and I've hurt people I loved. But I never wanted to drink as much as I did the night my baby died. I wanted to go on the bender of all benders. But I didn't because I knew deep down that there was no amount of drugs, no amount of alcohol that could take away the pain of losing your child.


Victor: Iced tea, my dear. I'm drinking iced tea.
Maggie: It smells like 30-year-old Scotch from here. You don't have to hide it from me and you don't have to lie. I know about your secret stashes.

John: I can hardly believe it. We've been married a whole year.
Marlena: Again.
John: As God is my witness, this is the last time.

Abe: Sweetheart. I love Eli like a son,but my loyalty will always be to you. So I have to ask. Did he do something to hurt you?
Lani: God, no. Eli is the most wonderful man I've ever known. All he ever did was love me.

Days of Our Lives Quotes

Jack: All right, your mother has been released just like you wanted. Now where's Haley?
JJ: I'm not telling you.
Jack: We had a deal.
JJ: I lied.
Jack: You lied to me?
JJ: I will never give up Haley!

Deimos: Sometimes in life all the pieces come together exactly at the same time.
Victor: Yes, well the love of a good woman will do that for you.