Would you do me a favor? Don’t call me “bro” ever again.


Andre: Can you tell me what you find so amusing?
Chad: Oh, it's just... I mean, come on, Andre. A bachelor party? It just doesn't, uh, seem like your thing.
Andre: Well, it's not as if I was gonna throw you some crass, vulgar evening.
Chad: Okay. All right. What'd you have in mind, then? What, uh... martinis at the Rooftop Grille?
Andre: Perhaps.

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Abigail: So the flowers are going to be delivered to the church first thing in the morning. Somebody should probably be there to accept them.
Abigail and Jennifer [together]: I'll call JJ.

Jennifer: Oh, I can't even take it. You looked like a princess in that gown.
Abigail: Oh, did you really see it through all those tears?
Jennifer: Honey, it is not every day you get to see your daughter in a wedding dress.
Abigail: Oh, Mom, come on, it's not like you haven't seen it before.
Jennifer: Well, I don't care if you got married 20 more times. I would cry just as much. Not that we need to test that theory.
Abigail: Don't worry, no. Tomorrow's gonna be the last time I'm gonna be walking down the aisle.

Andre: What are you working on? The new Dimera Enterprise business plan?
Chad: Uh, it's my wedding vows.
Andre: You know, you'd think that professing your love for Abigail would be a no-brainer by now.

Brady: You're not having Nicole!
Eric: I told you I don't want Nicole! You're my brother. I will never come between you two, because I want you to be happy.
Brady: You mean that?
Eric: Of course I do!
Brady: All right, then, I want you to do us a favor. I want you to fire her.

I know it's not what you want to hear, but I think it's for the best.


Sonny: Look, I know you're hurting because my mom broke up with you, but you're not going to spend another minute with my daughter until you sober up!
Lucas: Oh, now she's your daughter? She's not your daughter, you idiot! She's Will's daughter! Will's daughter!

Lucas: One damn drink and you're gonna fire me? You know all the losses I've gone through lately. You know what I've lost. I've lost my son and Adrienne. I-I can't lose this job too. I need this job.
Kate: Okay. But it seems to me like you're acting like all you need is one more drink. I know you're hurt. I know you're heartbroken. But this isn't the way to handle it. Lucas, you need help.
Lucas: No, I need some empathy. I need some support. Anything. But I guess that's not you, is it? That's not in your wheelhouse, right?
Kate: Okay. How do you think Will would feel if he were alive and he saw you right now?
Lucas: Did you actually just say that? That actually came out of your mouth?
Kate: Oh, what? What? Why? Is that off-limits, to bring up your son, your son who loved you, your son who wanted the best for you? Because he would be appalled if he saw you drinking right now, Lucas.
Lucas: Mentioning my son in any other way but a loving, respectful way is off-limits, yes, because he's gone! How could you do that? How could you try to make me feel guilty about my own son? Any person with a heart or a conscience would know that you don't say that, that that's off-limits!
Kate: I'm sorry.
Lucas: Good. I'm glad you're sorry, because now I really do need a drink.

Justin [looking at Bonnie]: I still don't understand why Anjelica would go to all that trouble just to hurt you.
Hattie: Seriously? You're Ivy League? And you can't connect a few of those dots?

Abe: Fired? They fired you?
Eli: The FBI is pretty decisive that way.
Abe: I don't understand. You ran a solid investigation.

Bonnie: Please, Hattie, please! I can't go back to Statesville! I just can't! I know you lost your one chance at happiness, but I am begging you with every cell of my being, please don't take away mine! Please!
[Justin enters]
Justin: Adrienne! What's going on in here? And how did you get in here?
Bonnie: Oh, I may have told the officer that I was your assistant. Please don't be mad at me.
Justin: I'm not mad. I just don't understand why you'd lie.
Bonnie: Well, I told you. I wanted... I wanted to talk to Hattie for The Spectator, but she's not being very cooperative.
Hattie: Hey, I got something going on here, you know!
Bonnie: Well, fine. We can just go now, then.
Hattie: No, wait. Wait! Wait a minute. Hold on. There's no reason you should leave empty-handed, you know? How about if I give you a big, juicy story for your headline, maybe tomorrow, you know? Come on. Sit down, Dimples. You'll want to hear this. How about if I tell you the name of the person I was working with?

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Justin [looking at Bonnie]: I still don't understand why Anjelica would go to all that trouble just to hurt you.
Hattie: Seriously? You're Ivy League? And you can't connect a few of those dots?

Lucas, I raised you to be a better liar than that.