I was on the road that night. Will is innocent. I killed your mother.


Look, I will pull whatever strings I can to get you out of here earlier and I will make sure your daughter never wants for anything. But please, please don't tell her what you know. God saw fit to take that memory from her that night and I pray to God she never remembers.


Nicole: You want me to apologize to you for what?
Kristen: For making Brady go along with the lie that you two were together just to torment me.
Nicole: Let me get this straight. You push nurses down stairs when they deliver bad news, you take pot shots at brides who steal your man, you put on a mask and pretended to be me just to get Brady back in bed. You staged my daughter's death. And I hurt YOUR feelings? I have a real problem seeing you as fragile.

Brady: Giving bone marrow is not like giving blood. It's a big deal, and he's a little boy. And more to the point, he's my little boy. Anything he needs goes through me.
Victor: Understood.
Xander: Good. Now can you go?
Brady: You know, it was easier to stomach you when all you were doing was running around blowing up power plants.

Sonny: You know, this morning I found myself wishing the prisons were co-ed so I could cut down on my drive time when I bring Ari to see her Mommy and her Daddy.
Gabi: Stop being so horrible!
Sonny: I GET TO!!! I get to because I want to reach across this table to smack you across the face because you have this beautiful daughter that you care nothing about.

Ciara: They've already scheduled an execution and if an innocent man dies, it will be on your head.
Rafe: He was found guilty by a judge and jury. They did their jobs and now I'm doing mine. And I'm okay with that.

Sonny I talked to my dad to ask how this was gonna go down. He didn't think there was a way you're gonna avoid prison time, okay. So I'm here to ask you a very simple question. Who gets the fun job of explaining this to Ari? Is it me? 'I'm sorry, sweetheart, but your mom has issues with Julie, okay, so she tried to kill her multiple times.'
Gabi: Stop, okay.
Sonny: And she adores Julie, so this is gonna make this wonderful. Do you forget your daughter exists, because she doesn't forget about you!

What do you know? I was hoping you weren't a complete idiot. End of the road, Weston. Game over.


Victor: I'm not an invalid. I don't need a wheelchair.
Maggie: As soon as the doctor says you're well enough to use a cane, you can use it to strike at anyone who annoys you.

Jennifer: Your grandpa Bill died today.
Chad: I'll call a travel agent.
Abigail: I don't want you to come with me.

Gabi has an app on her phone that can manipulate your heart.


Chad: He tried to kill Hattie Adams.
Gabi: Of course he did. Anybody who’s had her as a waitress would want to kill her.

Days of Our Lives Quotes

Eli: I just want what's best for the baby.
JJ: Did she make you godfather or something? Cause you're being awfully protective of our baby.

I keep wanting to believe the man you were is still in there somewhere. The man I fell so hard for, the man I married. But if you keep going down this path, you will not only lose the election, you will lose your soul.