Days of Our Lives Recap: Shawn Douglas Returns!

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This next big character return happened this Friday as Shawn Douglas strolled in to surprise his mom and most definitely Aiden. 

So how does a man go from declaring his love for a woman one minute, fantasizing about murdering her to pay off his gambling debts the next and then go back to convincing her father she’s the love of his life? Aiden’s story arc went from mind boggling to ridiculous this week. Are we meant to believe that he’s unwilling to steal evidence against Chad for the Dimera family but he may be willing to murder his own fiancee instead?

We get it. Bo is coming back and Hope will have no need for Aiden once he returns to Salem but did they have to completely destroy a character they worked so hard to make us like? Couldn’t there have been a solid Aiden/Hope/Bo love triangle? Watching Hope struggle with her feelings for two good men could have been interesting and dramatic instead of turning one of them into a possible copycat killer.

Will Shawn Douglas jump on the everybody loves Aiden bandwagon too just to have the rug pulled out from under him? We’ll have to wait and see. 

The week started off with Will’s funeral which was tough to watch considering we just got done with Paige’s funeral. 

Once again it was Lucas who broke my heart with this Days of Our Lives quote

He was my best friend and I don't know how I'm going to go on without him.


Will was his son and his best friend. His life will never be the same without him. And although I was happy to see Adrienne finally find Lucas to give him some comfort, I’m a little tired of the way she’s flip flopped between he and Justin. It seemed unfair that she was yelling at Justin for looking into doctors she can get a second opinion from when it was just a couple of weeks ago that she told him they were going to work on their relationship. I know she changed her mind but she can’t expect the man she was married to for decades to not care about her prognosis. 

Rate finally told Gabi that Eduardo was not only their long lost father but Paige’s as well. Gabi’s a grown woman who can make decisions on her own. It was nice to see Rafe treat her that way. 

Sonny left town once again which felt wrong on so many levels. Poor little Ari just lost one daddy and now it’s like she’s losing them both, not to mention that seeing Paul comfort Sonny over Will’s freshly dug grave felt all kinds of awkward.

Daniel and Nicole were the one bright spot in the week as they enjoyed a day of romance and chose a wedding date. It’s wonderful to see Nicole finally looking so happy but why do I fear she’ll never have the wedding of her dreams?

JJ decided he wanted to be a cop and Jennifer and Abigail completely freaked out. Yes, the job is dangerous but considering he was a drug dealer just a couple of years ago, this seems like a huge step in the right direction. Why are Roman and Gabi the only ones who think so? 

At what point does Jennifer realize that ordering her grown son not to do something is probably a sure fire ticket to getting him to do it? And who did Abigail think she was ordering JJ to stay in college? I guess she’s the same person who thinks she’s so irresistible that Chad Dimera may have just snapped and started killing people simply because he couldn’t have her. 

Speaking of which, Abigail’s parents were both top-notch investigative journalist. Did she not inherit any of those genes? I was hoping to see her start to put the pieces together concerning Chad’s innocence and Ben’s guilt but the only one who seems to have any inkling of the truth is Rafe.

Ben confessed all to his daddy before Clyde was shipped off to Florida. Will Clyde be back? Will Ben kill again?

And in one of the most ironic moments of the week, Andre the Salem Stalker met Ben the Neck Tie Killer. Salem really is a small town.

So what do you think TV Fanatics, should JJ become a police officer?

Check back in on Sunday to see what our Days of Our Lives Round Table Team has to say about this week's happenings in Salem. 

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