Days of Our Lives Recap: Paige's Funeral

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A serial killer on the loose, Caroline’s battle with dementia, and a heartbreaking funeral set the stage for a powerful week in Salem.

It was Paige’s funeral and I have some questions. Shouldn't Shane and Kimberly, her grandfather and step-grandmother, have flown out to attend? Wouldn't Shane want to be there for Eve, his daughter? And my goodness, but wasn't Justin rude making snarky comments to Rafe during the ceremony.

For a character of whom I wasn’t all that fond, the grief over Paige's death has been riveting. Watching Eve suffer through the realization of all she’s lost was as poignant as it was sad. From Paige’s college graduation to having her first child, the depth of what Eve has lost was overwhelming. Justin was right. She will never be the same. 

Of course she’s also still Eve, which meant her anger was still directed towards Jennifer and JJ. Even Theresa was unhappy with their presence but Brady pointed out that they were at the funeral because they loved Paige.

On the upside, it was great to see Theresa actually begin to transform into a human being. it’s been a long time coming. Her grief over Paige’s death and trying to help Eve cope with her loss was one of the few times we seen Theresa not solely focused on herself. And although she still has her sights set on winning back Brady, at least it’s no longer her only goal. 

I couldn’t believe it when Abigail wanted to ask Theresa to design her wedding dress. Those sketches she saw must have been amazing! The ensuing conversation between Jennifer and Abigail was some of the funniest of the week…

Jennifer: We will just get her on over here and I will go hide the silver.
Abigail: Well, you might want to hide the vodka while you're at it.
Jennifer: No, I'll have that.

It was wonderful to see Abigail extend an olive branch…even though I think a phone call would have been more appropriate than a text given their history. I loved that they actually talked about Abby’s pregnancy and what Theresa missed when Tate was stolen from her. I wonder if there will be a follow up conversation if, as I suspect, Abby loses this baby. We’ll have to wait and see on both counts. 

Jennifer’s complete cluelessness about Ben is almost comical. Why is she okay with her daughter marrying a drug lord’s son, especially if she suspects Clyde of killing Paige. How on earth does she think Abby will somehow magically be safe if she marries Ben? 

I have answers to none of those questions but I can not wait to see Jennifer’s reaction when she finds out Ben is the serial killer. Hopefully she realizes how her fear and hatred of anyone named Dimera has completely blinded her to the danger to which her own daughter has been surrounded. 

Speaking of Ben, those flashbacks of him strangling Serena and Paige have been almost as difficult to watch as Bo being tortured. Enough already, of both!

Chad was still on the run and even Abe has completely turned against him. I found that really disheartening, especially since Chad has always been so wonderful with Theo. 

Andre’s return and status as Stefano’s “son” is still a complete mystery to me however I did love his conversation with Chad in this Days of Our Lives quote

You think that the Salem PD is going to give up on a Dimera and go after an unknown suspect. What are you new in town or are you just hopelessly stupid?


Elsewhere in Salem, Adrienne awaited her test results but hid the entire affair from Justin while sharing it all with Lucas. If she truly wants to give her marriage a second chance, this isn’t the way to do it. 

Finally we get to Caroline’s descent into dementia. I don’t quite remember the name of the mysterious disease she’s afflicted with since they’ve made it clear it isn’t Alzheimer’s. I’m assuming that’s because there’s no cure for Alzheimer’s but their may be a happy ending in Caroline’s future. At the very least, the mysterious disease twist along with Victor’s expert gives the writers that option.

Having had a family member with Alzheimer’s, I can say that it is heartbreakingly sad and I appreciate this story (minus the mysterious disease twist) on the level of how Caroline’s deterioration is affecting her loved ones. It’s not only emotionally painful for Caroline but for everyone who cares about her. 

Will Bo return and have the magical cure for this obscure illness. First, Steve will have to find him and bring him home…but will that happen before Hope marries Aiden?

Hope didn’t blink an eye when Aiden said he needed $100,000. Talk about an understanding fiancee but you’d think this revelation would spark a more in depth conversation about mutual finances, especially since there are young kids involved in the mix. I’m a little disappointed that Hope wasn’t asking more questions. 

Now it’s your turn TV Fanatics. Was it okay for Eve to be angry at certain people for coming to Paige’s funeral?

Don't forget to check back on Sunday to see what our Days of Our Lives round table team has to say about this week's happenings in Salem. 

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