The Whispers Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Collision

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If you make Drill angry, he will either blare music at you or cause you to crash into a car.

In The Whispers Season 1 Episode 3 Drill shows that he is a vindictive little bugger. You mess with his friends, and he will mess with your face. There really isn't any other reason for him to most likely kill the therapist other than that Drill was angry that Minx will no longer play his game. Don't be a sore loser, Drill.

It's great that Minx went to therapy, but how come Harper hasn't been yet? Yes, Minx needed to talk to someone after hacking the DOD for an imaginary friend, but Harper was implicated in her mother's accident, and even if it hasn't been proven that she caused it, Harper saw her mom crash into the ground. Therapy would be helpful.

Digging Into John Doe - The Whispers

Hello, clean shaven Sean in a military uniform. First, I would like to thank the writers for blessing us with this moment. Not that there is anything wrong with his bearded, shaggy haired, tattooed self or anything, but it was a nice change. We get to see a glimpse of who Sean was before he started to tattoo himself. Sadly, he doesn't actually talk all that much. He's brooding.

The flashback showed more of how Sean and Claire were doing after he found out about her affair. There were also some hints as to what happened to their son, Henry. For some reason, Claire blames Sean for what happened to Henry, and maybe that's why she had the affair. Do you think Claire loves/loved Wes? 

Claire: God, Sean, when did it get so hard to talk to you?
Sean: I don't know, Claire. Why don't you ask your conscience?

Even though that was their last interaction (or one of their last), Claire will not stop searching for Sean. It's a little annoying that there were not any repercussions for her ditching work without any explanation.

Alright, time to attempt to understand post-crash Sean. He never knows where he is going until he gets there, which does not make any sense. He described it as deja vu. Psychic vision is my best guess; seriously. It was great that we finally heard Sean describe what happens to him.

What exactly is the doctor supposed to do on this little road trip? There is not a clear reason why Sean kidnapped her. She bought him a razor and shaving cream, which he could have easily done himself. Did the lights tell him to take her or is he just lonely?

Are Drill and Sean on the same side or is there another imaginary friend/alien who communicates through the lights that is trying to get Sean to stop Drill? It's unclear right now. The lights definitely warned Sean at one point, and if they are guiding him to the location of each of Drill's game sites, then either Sean is supposed to help out or put a stop to it all. What's your theory?

It's interesting that while we are learning more about Sean's predicament, Wes and Claire came to the conclusion that Sean is Drill. They don't really talk that part through, but brainwashing was thrown out as a possible option. How does Sean brainwash kids into thinking there is an imaginary person called Drill, exactly? It doesn't make a lot of sense.

Anyway, the two investigations collide, which happened a lot earlier than I expected. This means that it is only going to get crazier, which is exciting. Hopefully, the next person to join their little team will be Sean. They can't keep assuming he is Drill for much longer. It would be more fun for them to all team up.

You're the lady who makes Mommy cry.


Claire filled Wes in on Drill, which lead them to Minx. Why exactly did Claire need to be the one to talk to Minx? That never made sense. Wes could have talked to her or Lena could have done it. It was really amusing to watch Minx shut Claire down and stand up for her mother.

Aside from the poor choice in imaginary friends, Minx earned serious daughter of the year points. She stood up for her mother and tried to get Claire out of there as fast as possible. Seriously, Claire should not have been the one to talk to Minx. Even if Minx didn't know who Claire was, Wes should not have brought Claire into their home. Do you agree?

What did you think of the episode? Any theories on what will happen next week in The Whispers Season 1 Episode 4? Leave me your thoughts and theories in a comment below. 

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Collision Review

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The Whispers Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Sean: Answer me one question: do you love him?
Claire: ...No.
Sean: But you had to think about it.

Claire: God, Sean, when did it get so hard to talk to you?
Sean: I don't know, Claire. Why don't you ask your conscience?