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Rick Castle was willing to do anything it took to save Kate Beckett on Castle Season 7 Episode 15, as our favorite duo  turned out to have a one-two punch that led to the end of both Jerry Tyson and Dr. Kelly Niemann.

Below TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Robin Harry, Stacy Glanzman, Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando are joined by Bobbie from The 12th a Castle fan forum to debate which as been the best two-parter... to give their thoughts on product placement... and to debate their favorite scene from "Reckoning."

Castle Round Table 1-27-15

Do you believe Rick would have killed Tyson given the chance?

Jim: While he didn't pull the trigger, I would call the final outcome Rick killing Tyson. As he said, he lured Tyson there to watch him die - and watch him die he did. 

Robin: I agree with Jim - Rick kinda did kill Tyson. He said he was going to watch him die, and he gave the order for the kill shot. Would he have pulled the trigger himself, if given the chance? Absolutely. 

Stacy: I agree with Jim and Robin. Rick basically did kill Tyson even if he didn't pull the trigger. I absolutely think he would have pulled the trigger himself if necessary, but it worked out so much better this way. 

Chandel: Absolutely. He would do whatever it took to find Kate. How would you feel if you were being stalked by someone like Tyson? What would you do if he'd kidnapped your loved one? I would have probably taken the shot, too.

Bobbie:  I do believe that Castle was beyond reason when he confronted Tyson alone in his apartment and would have killed him, given the chance. It very much reminded me of the scene in Target where he inflicts pain on the suspect to get information about Alexis. He IS capable when someone he loves is in danger.

Christine:  Yup. When it comes to protecting those he loves, Rick Castle has proven he is capable of doing whatever is necessary. 

Where does this two-parter rate compared to the others in the series?  

Jim: I would put this right behind Castle season 5's two-parter “Target” and “Hunt” where Alexis is kidnapped. The only thing scarier than your wife going missing is your daughter. 

Robin: I honestly can't remember them all well enough to compare, but I will say that this was probably the most emotionally charged one for me. I preferred it to Alexis' kidnapping because we actually got to see Rick beat someone up and because the whole team was involved.

Stacy: Castle Season 2, “Tick, Tick, Tick,,,” and “Boom!” will probably always be my favorite. Then I'd go with Season 4, “Pandora” and “Linchpin” and Castle Season 3 “Set up” and “Countdown.” This one would rank fourth. Those other three had the more exciting cliffhangers in my opinion. 

Chandel: It has to be up right next to the Castle season 4 two-parter, which has always been the favorite for me. That one had some drama, humor as well as some romance. This one was straight up suspense. 

Bobbie:  I would still put Castle Season 5, “Target” and “Hunt” as my all-time favorite two-parter, not only because of Nathan Fillion's incredible emotional performance, but because of the introduction of Castle's father. However, these two episodes are a very close second.

Christine:  This is probably my favorite. I didn’t find the conclusions of several of the earlier ones as satisfying. This had intense drama, serious angst, but Castle worked within the team and we got to see Rick and Kate happy, cuddly and together at the end. That easily makes this one my fave. 

Are you glad the 3XK storyline has wrapped up or would you have liked for it to continue?

Jim: I'm really, really, really, (3X Really) glad it is done. While Jerry Tyson made for a creepy bad guy, it was getting to be a bit "batman and joker" like in how often he got away. 

Robin: I'm glad it's finally done.  Jim was thinking Batman/Joker, I was thinking MacGyver/Murdoc. There's only so many times the bad guy can get away without it becoming cheesy.

Stacy: I'm glad it's over. Now we can focus on the mystery surrounding Castle's disappearance in the finale. 

Chandel: I think it has spanned enough seasons that it was about time it came to a close. It's a little sad that a thread has been permanently tied up, but it just leaves room for something even more epic in the future.

Bobbie:  I'm definitely glad that the 3XK story line is over. Each encounter has been exciting and original but, if he had gotten away again, it would have cast an incapable light on the team. I'm pleased that both Tyson and Niemann are unequivocally dead!

Christine: Robin, MacGyver references always make me smile…so thanks.  As much as every 3XK episode was wonderfully compelling, I’m glad they closed it out with their deaths. It was time. 

Did you ever think that Michael Boudreaux was simply Michael Boudreaux and Jerry Tyson was still out there?

Jim: For one brief moment when Captain Gates pitched the idea to Rick. But then I remembered the wink and stuck to my guns on him being Tyson. 

Robin: I will admit to a flicker of doubt when Castle was beating the crap out of him and he still held on to the story. I should have known better. 

Stacy: I had a brief moment of doubt when Tyson was begging for his life. I had a hard time believing Tyson would beg Castle even if it was part of his ultimate plan.

Chandel: Like I mentioned in last week's round table, this whole Boudreaux/Tyson thing blew my mind. I wasn't sure which way to go! In that case, all possibilities were open for me at all times.

Bobbie:  I strongly believed, as Castle did, that it was Tyson claiming to be Boudreaux up until the scene in Boudreaux's apartment. When Tyson was on his knees, staring at the gun and almost crying as he said he was from Iowa and such, his incredible performance actually convinced me to change my mind and I began to think that Tyson was out there somewhere while Boudreaux was taking the fall for him.

Christine:  That scene in the apartment where Tyson is crying that he’s from Iowa and who his parents are, that made me doubt it for a moment. Kudos to Michael Mosley for such a fantastic performance. 

Castle’s new Buick was prominently featured in this episode. Are you OK with that kind of product placement or does it bother you?

Jim:  This one is right at the edge of my tolerance, all the things they showed were brief and supported the story. Go back and watch the car placement in The Glades and you will get a lesson of what _not_ to do. 

Robin:  It was almost irritating, but more silly/funny in the context. "Need to hide a body, or get someone out of your way? Well, the Buick Regal has all your body storage needs, with trunk space that accommodates petite blondes and more..."

Stacy:  I didn't even notice it to be honest. Now that you've mentioned it, I remember his comment about the trunk space, but I was too wrapped up in the story to really pay attention to the car. 

Chandel:  I have never been a big fan of product placement. Bones is probably the worst offender on television in my opinion, and since this one in Castle was not nearly as egregious as Bones seems to get, this one was ok.

Bobbie:  It does bother me, mainly because this show has never used such obvious product placement. I suppose it's a tradeoff, in that they can get a little more money to produce the episode by doing it but I'd really prefer to have it be more subtle or not at all.

Christine:  As Chandel mentioned this was nothing compared to the Bones’ Prius ads! At least they fit this into the story so it didn’t really bother me. I understand that the older a show gets, the more expensive it is to produce and the more of these type of things you’re likely to see. Heck, I may just check this vehicle out when I go looking for a new car. You never know when you might need to move a body.

Was there anything about “Reckoning” that disappointed you?

Jim:  Not really, I think it hit on all points and they wrapped up the story nicely. 

Robin:  I'm sorry...but of all the possible things to do to Beckett, they went with face transplant?! Neimann wanted to steal Beckett's face?! Neimann was a psychopath, but not an idiot. She was also a brilliant and competent surgeon, and having her even think that she could surgically remove Beckett's face - by herself - exceeded the limit of my suspension of disbelief. 

Stacy:  I really wanted to see a fight scene between Beckett and Nieman. When Beckett grabbed her hand I thought we were going to get it, but then all we got to see was the result.  

Chandel:  I would have also like to have seen Kate take Nieman on in hand-to-hand combat. That's the only thing I would have added to the installment. Deleted scene for the DVD perhaps?

Bobbie:  I was TOTALLY satisfied with this conclusion! I loved that both villains were killed, I loved the way they worked Castle back into the precinct, I loved the way Gates handled her part, I loved the reveal that Ryan and Espo had Castle's back all along, and most of all, I loved that they didn't end the show with the reunion at the precinct. The intimate bedroom scene, with both Kate and Castle acknowledging their demons but feeling so secure in one another, was the perfect ending for me.

Christine:  I really wanted to see some of the fight scene between Beckett and Niemann. Other than that, it was pretty darn near perfect. 

What was your favorite scene from Castle Season 7 Episode 15?

Jim:  I rewound and watched Kate catch Niemann's had about three times. Between the look on her face and the choice of music/sound effects, it was a powerful setup for the next shot of Kate with the scalpel standing over Niemann.  

Robin:  Rick Castle laying a gritty, hardcore smackdown on Jerry Tyson. I loved how he threw him around the room, and I honestly thought he would have shot him. Last week we got to see the insightful side of Richard Castle, this week we got the calculated, dark side. I love it. 

Stacy:  Castle revealing his plan to Tyson and ordering the kill shot. The look on Tyson's face was priceless and Castle finally won. Now he and Beckett can bond over taking down their personal enemies. 

Chandel:  Probably when Rick said, "Take the shot." You knew it was over with Tyson when that happened. And how appropriate that Rick was tied to a chair much like when 3XK left Rick to escape in the first installment he appeared. It was a little bow on top of the present.

Bobbie:  It's hard to pick a favorite scene but I guess I'll have to go with the final confrontation between Castle and Tyson. It was a fist pump - cheer out loud moment for me when Castle turned the tables on him and got to say, "Take the shot."   

Christine:  From the moment they both walked back into the precinct together, to Castle being “unbanned” and then on to the scene at the loft, it was the conclusion to a two-parter that I’ve been waiting for since season 2. 

After all of that drama, I think we’re all in need of some fun. Don’t forget to check out Castle and Beckett’s trip to Mars in Castle Season 7 Episode 16

And you can watch Castle online now right here at TV Fanatic. 

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