Grey's Anatomy Round Table: What Drove Meredith to Drink?

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Welcome back to the Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

The opening installment of Grey's Anatomy Season 11 gave panelists Stacy Glanzman, Maggie Fremont and Krystal Sondel plenty to debate and discuss, from options for Owen's man-date to the reason why Meredith was driven to drink.

Ready to gather around and join in? Check out a few takes below on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 1 and then chime in with your own...

Grey's Anatomy RT - depreciated -
What was your favorite scene or quote from the premiere.
Stacy: I think my favorite scene was the beginning when Meredith kicked Jo out of Alex's bed. I loved Cristina and am really sad she's gone, but I've also always loved Meredith and Alex's relationship. It's always been overshadowed by Meredith and Cristina, so if we can't have that, Alex as her new "person" is the next best thing.

Maggie: Derek's "So, did you catch the game last night?" exchange with Owen made me giggle. I loved this half-hearted attempt at male-bonding and how quickly Owen called him out on it. I really enjoy their relationship. They were kind of tossed together by the Twisted Sisters, but actually could benefit a lot from each other's friendship. Wait, I think I'm shipping DERWEN.

Krystal: When Karev said: "Yang left me her shares and her board seat...and she left me you too. It's just us now." It hit me then that it really is just the two of them now. They are it from their intern year. I'm looking forward to watching Alex become Meredith's person. 

With whom would you rather hang out, Richard, Derek or Jackson?
Stacy: This one is a no-brainer for me. Jackson all the way! April is so lucky. Though, can we get a deleted scene of Richard and Owen playing Jenga?

Maggie: My heart says Jackson because, UM HELLO, blue eyes. But my head says, obviously a night of playing Jenga with Chief Webber sounds delightful. I'd be calling up Richard if I needed a good hang.

Krystal: While Derek and Jackson are both very dreamy, I think I’d enjoy a night hanging out with Richard Weber. He’s been known to enjoy a good meal, can bust a move on the dance floor (flashback to the scene between Addison and him at Joe’s) and add in a game of Jenga... you can’t possibly go wrong!

Bailey or Karev? Who should be on The Board?
Stacy: Karev. The shares were Cristina's and, like he said, she picked him for a reason.

Maggie: This is a tough one. Out of every character, Bailey is probably the most loyal to the hallowed halls of Grey-Sloan Memorial and has probably earned that seat. That being said, I think Karev could really use a win in work, in life. Even from just a dramatic storytelling POV, I think Karev is the more interesting choice. It would be fun to see how he takes on that role - is he power hungry, clashing with other members of the board? Will he be in over his head, floundering? I vote for Karev.

Krystal: I went back and forth on this all episode, but in the end my vote would go to Evil Spawn. It's what Cristina wanted and her wish should be respected. I think Alex can bring a great perspective to the Board room.

Is this the beginning of the end for Arizona and Callie?
Stacy: I hope not. I love them together and really want them to work it out. I felt like Arizona announcing she wants to do the fellowship was a little out of left field. She's never given any indication she wasn't completely fulfilled with Peds. 

Maggie: I'm not one to hope for a relationship to dissolve and I especially like Grey's because they do commit to certain relationships and that feels true to life, but, seriously, this relationship is so one-sided. Callie is always making sacrifices for Arizona, she always gets the short-end of the stick (don't get me wrong, I like Arizona as a character and love her when she's in doctor-mode). If it's not the end of Calzona, I hope at the very least Callie starts to stick up for herself.

Krystal: If last night’s premiere was any indication, it is going to be a very bumpy ride for Calzona. Between disagreeing about parenting decisions and who should be on the Board, plus the possibility of Arizona taking on a new fellowship, I think we may see these two break up before the season is over. 

Derek chose Meredith. So what prompted her need for tequila?
Stacy: Good question. Meredith said she doesn't want him to resent her down the road for not taking the job, but he made the choice so if he ends up unhappy, the blame should be on him. The cases this week pretty much slammed it home for Derek that being with his family is more important than any job, so maybe he just needs to explain his sudden 180 to Meredith so she understands why he changed his mind. 

Maggie: Oh, Meredith. Sometimes she can be such a dick. I think part of it is definitely that she's worried Derek will end up resenting her, but also I think some of it is related to the fact that Meredith just can't seem to ever be happy. She's a self-sabotager.

Krystal: She knows she would have ended up resenting Derek if she moved with him to DC so it’s not hard to believe she thinks Derek will end up feeling the same way by staying in Seattle. Plus, she’s Meredith Grey – and while she got all whole and healed, she is still a little dark and twisty too.

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