Doctor Who: Watch Season 8 Episode 4 Online

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On Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 4 The Doctor needs Clara for a "thing."

This thing is his attempt to determine if the reason we all talk to ourselves and have the same nightmare about being grabbed by the ankle when we step out of bed in the dark. It's his belief that there really is someone under the bed, grabbing your ankle.

Through a series of incredible events that give to Clara a much deeper connection to The Doctor as well as Danny Pink, we learn exactly why The Doctor asks the question. 

Find out when you on an incredibly chilling and informational hour when you watch Doctor Who online!

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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

Rupert: He took my bedspread.
The Doctor: Oh, the human race. You're never happy, are ya?

Question -- why do we talk out loud even when we know we're alone. Conjecture -- because we know we're not.

The Doctor