Arrow Season 3 Premiere Pictures: Before the Storm?

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With a title like "The Calm," you can't help but wonder what's coming next. Some sort of storm, perhaps?

Isn't that right, Arrow Season 3 opener?

The CW has released four images from Arrow Season 3 Episode 1. They feature Felicity running after Oliver on his way out of Queen Consolidated (an assumption!), along with some general day in the life pics with Arrow, Canary and the other Lances - Laurel and Quentin.

Of course, nothing is ever as it seems. And, after Quentin Lance calls off the Anti-Vigilante Task Force this fall - thanks to lower crime and a general feeling of safety in Starling City - an old enemy pops up to cause more problems, forcing Oliver to reconsider his hope for a personal life.

The reappearance is believed to be Count Vertigo, the new version as portrayed by Peter Stormare. As he's not a new villain, there is a bit of confusion, but all we really care about is Oliver's possible near miss with Felicity.

They'll really date and kiss, right?!? RIGHT?!?

Make sure you're here after the premiere on The CW Wednesday, October 8 at 8/7c for a full review of the hour. Until then, feed your need when you watch Arrow online!

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Diggle: You love her. You even told her so.
Oliver: I was trying to fool Slade.
Diggle: Yes. Except now the only person you're fooling is yourself.

Keep this up and there will be two kinds of criminals left in Starling City. The ones we put away and the ones running scared.