The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Original Sin"

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The Vampire Diaries got even crazier than usual this week, thanks to a controlling/paranoid/jealous/bitter/scored/totally awesome witch named Qetsiyah.

Elsewhere on "Original Sin," Stefan resisted the urge to go all Ripper on innocent humans, Damon was dealt a destiny-based blow and Stefan lost his memory.

Which scenes were most memorable? Is Delena really doomed? And what were Caroline and company up to during the hour? Our Round Table team of Miranda Wicker, Leigh Raines and Steve Marsi have gathered below to delve into all these topics and plenty more. Pull up a virtual chair and join them now!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Miranda: This is really tough because I loved all of it. All the new storylines are suddenly really interesting. I'll go with Damon and Elena at the bar just before they go off to find Stefan and Katherine. It was a small but real moment between a couple who've overcome odds they don't even know about yet to get together and showed how good they are together.

Leigh: That was an amazing moment Miranda mentioned. It was this small but passionately heated moment. I gasped when Amara was revealed and it was Nina Dobrev.

Steve: I'm with Leigh on this one. The reveal of the third Nina Dobrev character was awesome and definitely caught me off guard.

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What is your impression of Tessa?
Miranda: Talk about Hell having no fury! Tessa is a slightly cracked badass and I like her. She can stay! Which probably means she'll die soon because that's how these things work in TVD. But not before she drops the veil and Bonnie is back. That's how I see that playing out.

Leigh: Dudeeee. I really didn't care about the Silas storyline before hearing her explanation. The history of the dopplegangers and everything was awesome. Tessa is crazy and I'm digging the amount of power she has.

Steve: Janina Gavankar brings the perfect amount of power, jealousy, and unhinged craziness to the role. Hard not to be Team Kets a little bit after hearing her explanation, and because she's so unpredictable.

Is the universe really on Team Stelena?
Miranda: Ugh. What a crock! I mean, I love a good star-crossed lover story but, ugh. The universe might be Team Stelena but hello, universe, there are TWO doppelgängers running around right now. How does Tessa know that it's not Katherine and Stefan who are supposed to be together? How do we know she hasn't been up there in the afterlife forcing these doppelgängers together and then ripping them apart? So much I don't like about that.

Leigh: So my question is, does Damon have a dopple? Agree that maybe Katherine and Stefan are meant to be. Who knows? Plus, it could also be Tessa's influence. It's hard to ignore the history.

Steve: It certainly seems like that's what they're going for, right? Granted, this is The Vampire Diaries, where the mythology is clearly spitballed on the fly with no earthly idea where the show is going from one season to the next, but it could explain why Elena and Stefan formed such a connection from the very start. Even if Statherine could still be the real couple of destiny and Damon is still hotter. Or so I'm told.

The Travelers: A welcome addition or... WTH?!?
Miranda: I wasn't crazy about then last week but this week? I'm intrigued. They're giving Matt something to do beside wait tables at the Grill.

Leigh: Very intrigued. I wanted to know what it means to be a traveler. Also love ancient greek history.

Steve: A welcome addition. We're better off under the umbrella ... of secrecy and mystery they are covering TVD with at the moment.

Who did you miss more: Bonnie, Jeremy, Caroline, Jesse or Sheriff Forbes?
Miranda: Jeremy. What can I say? Baby Gilbert's grown on me.

Leigh: Caroline and college!

Steve: Visually, Caroline. Plot-wise? Jer. Kid's grown on me this season like he's grown into his tank tops, which are hella small-looking now. I'm saying he's ripped. I've heard he works out.

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