Revenge Round Table: "Masquerade"

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Sunday's episode of Revenge further revealed a new skeleton in Victoria's closet, while Jack threw a wrench into Conrad's plans and two side characters were memorably dispatched.

Below, TV Fanatic's Kate Brooks, Christine Orlando, Miranda Wicker and Steve Marsi break down "Masquerade" and look ahead to next week's episode in our Round Table Q&A.

Weigh in with your own responses to these Revenge topics below!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from "Masquerade"?

Kate: Aiden: "I'm not jealous, I'm disgusted." I'm loving him more and more each episode. I'm terrified he's going to be killed off.

Christine: Emily: "I'm not leaving you alone, Nolan." Nolan: "I love you too." I love how Nolan can read between the lines with Emily and how far their relationship has come since the beginning of the series.

Miranda: I'm not generally one to be Team Daniel, but I loved the way he returned the bullets to Victoria like they were cuff links he'd borrowed for a dinner party.

Steve: Aiden offing Trask. Once he saw Padma was dead, at least he didn't waste any time. The Initiative plot line has really dragged but they are trying to move things along.

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2. Will Nolan be able to keep it together, or will he go rogue like Jack?

Kate: Well, seems he's going to have to keep it together after the detective showed up and questioned him. But I want him to be all Revengey like Jack. Aiden, Emily, Jack, and Nolan for Team Revenge.

Christine: He was definitely wandering into A Beautiful Mind territory here. He blames himself for Padma's death. He wants revenge but the guilt is eating at him. It's hard to tell just how rogue he's going to go.

Miranda: I think Nolan's going rogue and I think it's just another way that Emily will see that her revenge plan is going to cost her everything because it's costing the people she loves everything.

Steve: Grief is one thing, revenge is another ... and self-preservation another still. With the police breathing down his neck, who knows how far he'll take matters into his own hands.

3. Jack trying to team up with Ashley: Smart or stupid?

Kate: Both! I think Ashley is going to use whatever she can to stay on top and if that's taking down the Graysons or turning in Jack... I hope she stays on Team Jack.

Christine: I'm with Kate on this one. Ashley can be useful but she's completely out for herself which means she'll turn on Jack in a heartbeat if she thinks it will help her get ahead.

Miranda: Eh. Neither. A necessary evil as long as he keeps her at arm's length. I don't believe for one second that she won't turn on him since the Graysons are her meal ticket.

Steve: That depends. Is Jack smart enough to have a contingency plan to deal with Ash as well? She's clearly an opportunist who will play both sides, but is he?

4. Rate this week from 1-10 on the Charlotte/Declan Uselessness Index (CDUI).

Kate: I rate Declan a 10 but Charlotte at 4 because I LOVED seeing her bitch hit someone.

Christine: Declan was a 10. Shouldn't he be doing something useful like babysitting Carl? Charlotte garnered a 5 just because she punched that little witch but honestly the scene felt a little forced. It felt like it should have been more fun.

Miranda: Charlotte gets a 4. What a punch on Baby Clarkeson! Who knew? Declan gets a 15. Totally chuckled at "shouldn't he be babysitting Carl," Christine.

Steve: 6. Charlotte gets points for the aforementioned right cross, but I sort of tune both of them out whenever they're on screen, so the impact was lessened somewhat.

5. More uncomfortable: Your GF sleeping with another man to protect your identity, pretending to be knocked up to con a nun, or looking for your possible 40-year-old son at a Halloween party?

Kate: I'd go with pretending to be knocked up because its more disturbing to fool a nun. Then again, Emanda has no boundaries. Kind of.

Christine: I've got to go with your girlfriend sleeping with someone else. No matter what the reason, that is so not cool.

Miranda: Definitely your girlfriend sleeping with another man to protect your identity, particularly when it's a guy you can't stand. Also, what's the penance for conning a nun?

Steve: Going with the nun scenario, because as Miranda says, that's pretty much impossible to come back from. Awkward as it must be for Aiden, Emily really is just trying to use Danny ... I think.

6. Emily's masquerade dress. Discuss.

Kate: Werk it gurl! Emily is gorgeous and so was that dress. Fangirl approved!

Christine: When doesn't this woman look absolutely amazing?

Miranda: It actually wasn't my favorite. She looked amazing in it, but she's had better dresses. Her hair, however, was phenomenal, and the red lipstick rocked!

Steve: One really can't say enough good things about the costume department and the job they do outfitting the show's lead actress.

7. As we gear up for the stretch run, where do you see Revenge Season 2 going?

Kate: I feel as if Jack is going to get some sort of Revenge and bring down Conrad. I want him to discover who Amanda Clarke really is. I see the Initiative going through with their plan and framing Aiden.

Christine: I think Jack's going to get himself into trouble and Emily is going to have to choose between her plans for revenge or saving him.

Miranda: Down the toilet? Sigh. I love this show. Not so much loving this season. For a real answer: Emily has to choose between saving her loved ones or continuing her revengenda and it brings her to a breaking point.

Steve: It sounds like a cop-out answer, but I really don't know. What is the point of this season, overall? I'm excited to watch it play out, but we've gone in so many different directions, it's hard to know what the overall narrative is building to. That's just the truth at this point.

8. Pen a eulogy for Padma, or Trask. Your pick!

Kate: Dear Trask, your hair was so slicked and your voice so cool, I'll miss your evil plans but not your greasy hair.

Christine: Padma, I know I'm naive but I'm sort of hoping you're not really dead since there were no visible wounds and Aidan never seemed to actually check your body. Perhaps it was all an initiative trick. Poor Nolan deserves some happiness and someone who will love him back. If you're dead I don't think he'll ever be the same.

Miranda: Trask. You're kind of like Madonna with only one name. But not like Madonna in that she's been around for quite a while and, well, you weren't. Sorry I'm not sorry to see you go. Say hi to Helen Crowley for us.

Steve: Padma. A nice girl who got in over her head and paid the ultimate price, and who showed us sides of Nolan Ross we had never before seen. You will be missed. P.S. Trask is dead at least.

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