Gossip Girl Round Table: "It's Really Complicated"

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Welcome back, once again, to TV Fanatic's weekly Gossip Girl Round Table Q&A discussion! Below, our panelists break down all aspects of this week's Gossip Girl episode, "It's Really Complicated."

In our Q&A session, TVF editor Steve Marsi and staff members Christina Tran, Leigh Raines and Courtney Morrison share their opinions on everything that went down on the Upper East Side.

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Courtney: Favorite quote definitely had to be Blair's 7th heaven reference. My least favorite? That pantsuit she was wearing.

Christina: I loved when Nate sucker-punched Lonely Boy. That was awesome!

Leigh: When Lily called Chuck from the limo to tell him she believed him I was overjoyed. Also she read the slides with a jewelry loop per Cece's suggestion on how to catch a guilty husband. I love when Cece presents herself from beyond the grave. She was a bad bitch!

Steve: "Nate, I came up here to make out, not to watch you and Chuck play WikiLeaks." No way she knows what that is, but gotta admire Sage for being forward at least.

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2. How did this Thanksgiving episode compare to Thanksgivings past?

Courtney:  I expected more since it's the final Thanksgiving, but it was pretty good. Just about everyone was in the same room and Dan got punched. Sounds good to me!

Christina: What was supposed to be the best Thanksgiving ever just made me miss the early Thanksgiving episodes with Jenny and Eric. I’m always down for a full side of drama, but it simply didn’t measure up to the best of times. Then again, I’ve been re-watching Gossip Girl Seasons 1-2 so pardon my nostalgia.

Leigh: This was probably number two, behind Gossip Girl Season 3's "Treasure of the Serena Madre" when Serena was having an affair with Tripp Vanderbilt.

Steve: Have to agree with Leigh, that was an all-timer. I enjoyed this week's episode but all things Seasons 5-6 are just viewed through a different lens; it's hard to compare the current GG to the first three years.

3. Biggest Surprise: Nate is back with Sage again, Bart is now Dan's role model or that all it took was Pocahontas to get John Rolfe out of his funk?

Courtney: I'm going with Bart being Dan's role model. As douchey as he has been, he's better than wanting to be Bart Bass.

Christina: Dan’s gone Dark Side for some time now. Chair’s… Chair. As for Nate, between being blackmailed by Bart and the stress at The Spectator, I think he somehow forgot Sage was in high school still. Two episodes to go, so here’s to hoping that high school hipster is gone for good by next week.

Leigh: If Bart is really Dan's role model he's gone wayyy off the deep end. Going from idolizing Rufus to Bart is a 180.

Steve: All fairly surprisingly, but Bart being anyone's role model has to take the cake. You're basically selling your soul to the devil with zero hope of redemption at that point ... unless you're playing the devil ...

4. Team Dan or Team NJBC?

Courtney: There is no possible way I could be on team Dan after his Thanksgiving stunt. He was just cold.

Christina: Team NJBC! Sure, Dan’s only been truth telling with every single one of his exposes. However, he’s also been brutally honest and hurting every single one of his once so-called friends and even his own family. Dan said he never felt equal and has always been judged for being a poor Brooklynite, but he judges Serena and the rest of the gang all just the same.  

Leigh: Is this a real question? NJBC FTW! Dan is mad at them because of how they treat each other and because of their "world?" Why didn't he just stay at NYU and live an awesome new life with people he got along with and who revered him. Why was he always trying to win over the UES, a place he hated and resented? None of it makes sense to me.

Steve: I've always thought Dan was an interesting character, unpredictable and genuinely conflicted as to what kind of person he wanted to be. That said, there is no Team Dan anymore. I'd have punched him too.

5. Dan's apparently the man with a plan. What's his final chapter about?

Courtney: I'm thinking it's about all of them. His desire to be part of the UES and how you can never fully make it in. Maybe it will be his redemption chapter where he tells the truth about himself.

Christina: Well, I think it’s safe to say that the writers have practically destroyed Dan Humphrey. I hope for his sake that the final chapter isn’t just more badmouthing. Maybe Dan’s turn for the worse is actually for the better and he’s somehow planning to help take down Bart. I just don’t see how else his character could be redeemed at this point – that is, if he cares about redemption at all.

Leigh: I've thought about this and I truly have no clue where this kid is going. Is he going to reveal it was all an experiment or character study? Dan flip flops too much to make a real assumption on what his Final Chapter could be.

Steve: Dan is about to be outed as Gossip Girl, having documented the entire series as the ultimate insider-outsider from the beginning (and conveniently disparaging himself as Lonely Boy to throw people off). Obviously I'm just grasping at straws here and have no idea who Gossip Girl is, but wouldn't that be sort of awesome?

6. Based on next week's promo, is Chuck about to make a huge mistake?

Courtney: Chuck always has a plan, especially with Blair, Nate, and lily at his side. He will make a mistake, but not one he can't fix during the finale.

Christina: That’s what they want us to think! However, I think the plane crash will actually play a huge role in operation take down Bart with Chuck playing dead this time, only to prove Bart’s involvement with yet another mysterious transportation accident.

Leigh: No, Chuck is about to pull a Victoria Grayson and she's one of the biggest badasses of all time. No way Chuck dies, but rather frames Bart for a third person mysteriously dying on Bass Transportation, just like Christina said!

Steve: Based on these Gossip Girl finale photos, no, he won't be plunging to his death. I suspect, however, that the fallout from this will extend beyond next week and possibly throw a wrench into his plan to wed B.

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Dan has finally become awesome this season!! He is funny, and real for once instead of making dumb jokes to compensate for his insecurity. He actually has them all genuinely nervous, becuase he has become so unpredicatable, and an actualy adeversary, instead of someone none of them take seriously. I don't think he hates them, that's why he wouldnt move to 'Soho; and start his new life, he is intrinsically tied to all of them.... but he wants to be taken seriously and respected ont heir level. He basically said as much. Gossip Girl is either Dan or Jenny for sure...!!!


LOLL TEAM NJBC? ARE YOU GUYS FOR REAL? ALL of the NJBC are HORRIBLE PEOPLE! All of them. I cannot believe that you have fallen for the elitist view that Gossip Girl has bestowed on so so so many idiotic fans (most of them teenagers) and seeing adults backing them is revolting. Sure, Dan is not a Saint either but he's pretty alright compared to every single one of them (except Nate), and especially Chuck. This is a joke. You must be paid to reinforce these stupid views. Also, let's not forget that THIS Dan is a tool, not the actual character that he used to be. Everyone has been assassinated for the sake of Chair and Derena and some Bart/Lily, showing why this show is totally unaware of the bad message it conveys about love, friendship and relationships.


Team Dan all day everyday


I think the final chapter will be about Gossip Girl.


@Drea XOXO, Excellent you remembered, and what you said makes sense, then it remains to see who is the GG? If it is female then we have two candidates - Lily or Alison, and if it is male, certainly is not Bart or Rufus or Nate’s father, then were also the two candidates – Nate’s grandfather or William van der Woodsen?! Although I'm more inclined to either Alison or Lily!

Drea xoxo

people need to remember that diane knew GG, GG had info on diane so it cant be anyone from NJBC. it has to be a parent paying someone to do so. i can see the dan links but not even he's that smart or sly. its definately a man and someone who knows them personally because they purposely gave G the laptop in their absence and found out that S had it......


I stillt think that Dan's plan is to somehow unmask Gossip Girl with his final chapter. I don't think he is GG, but maybe, just maybe, he knows who he/she is and writes the last chapter about who he/she truly is and how she's the reason all his former friends got the way he's written them to be
And somehow, that will make the others understand. They do seem good with each other in the wedding pics so there has to be some sort of redemption!!


I agree with Leigh, Why didn't Dan stay at NYU and start a new life with people he felt equal to. With that being said, I still like Dan and I am curious to see where his storyline is going.


Ugh sooooooo glad this show is ending. Chuck already has been hurt and on the verge of death. Can they think of something else? The writers killed Nate and they're killing Dan's character. Blair is still shown as weak and dumb as ever waiting for Chuck to take her back. She is so pathetic. I hope Dan rips apart the UES and destroys them all and Chuck really does die (unfortunately he survives from photos). He's the lamest character on the show. even nate is more bearable. And seriously, a flash forward with a Henry running aroud so dumb. Did the writers ever stop to think that these kids are only 20?


I actually root for Dan.I think he did the right thing. He is the only one who seriously knows what he is doing... If Serena does know what is love, she wouldnt have call Steven right after the scene... most of the UES are simply ridiculous.

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