Gossip Girl Review: The Best Thanksgiving Ever

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Gossip Girl celebrated Thanksgiving tonight, and what a feast it was! With the typical turkey and a full side of drama, holidays on the Upper East Side are never dull.

Do you remember our previous Thanksgivings with Gossip Girl? Flash back with me for a moment – all the way back to pre-Chair, Derena and even Rufly – when the epic couples we’ve been rooting for all this time were just starting out.

Gossip Girl Thanksgiving

Like in real life, family time brought on family problems. Blair was once adjusting to new Waldorf traditions on her favorite day of the year. Thanks to Nate’s dad’s illegal dealings, his family life was far from perfect as money suddenly became an issue. Meanwhile, Chuck and Bart weren’t exactly sharing any fond special father-son moments either.

Although much time has passed, "It's Really Complicated" showed that things simply aren’t all that different. Chair started out apart then together again for only the umpteenth time. Derena kicked off the installment together in bed, and then ended with Lonely Boy as lonely as ever. As for Rufly, the former of the duo couldn’t care less for reconciliation.

This time around, Nate is facing much more than money issues with The Spectator. He’s also got Bart Bass using him as a pawn to take down his own best friend. As the plot continues to thicken, we were reminded that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

It all started with Derena’s attempt to throw “the best Thanksgiving ever.” At least that’s what S thought it would be. Unfortunately, the party got crowded really fast when everyone attending had their own agenda.

Chuck felt defeated by Bart and looked more pitiful than ever as he mentioned more than once – unfortunately, for us – that he couldn’t be with Blair just because he hadn’t taken down his father. He was seriously playing the world’s saddest song on the world’s smallest violin.

Fortunately, thanks to Pocahontas (High five to B for adding several awesome Gossip Girl Quotes, but not for her outfit), John Rolfe was able to brush the dirt off his shoulders and get back on operation expose Bart. Chuck, with B and Nate’s help, connected the dots between Bruce Caplan’s sudden drowning and Sheikh Hassan’s accident.

Chuck’s finally got Lily back on his team, but Bart so easily killed off the two men who could have put him behind bars. Would he be so quick to do the same to his own son? I’m thinking so, and that seems like a safe bet based on next week’s promo.

Elsewhere, Georgina, of course uninvited, made an appearance at the VDW’s loft. By the way, what’s up with Vanya and company letting just about anyone upstairs? Anyhow, after struggling to decide which chapter to publish on his beloved S, Dan went with the honest and brutal approach. The truth telling story about the golden girl who falls from grace, a faux love story, and S’s relentless daddy issues obviously didn't fare too well with S.

Dan on Thanksgiving

Then, Derena called it quits after Dan admitted that he orchestrated the stuck elevator and that he felt like he did nothing wrong in telling the truth about S. Of course S couldn’t understand how he could love her, but write those hurtful words both at the same time.

Dan has been a self-righteous jerk lately, but every word about Serena treating him like a visitor all this time was hardly true. He may have never felt like an equal and was seen as the poor kid from Brooklyn by some. However, Dan’s always been equally judgmental about the UES. And honestly, was he entirely wrong about Serena?

After all, it took her all but two seconds to call Steven again right after saying goodbye to Dan. Side note: Speaking of Steven, why is Sage still here? Did Nate forget she was in high school again? That girl needs to go. Nate could do so much better, and it looks like Derena seems to be over, so maybe there’s hope for Serenate.

Dan’s writing his final chapter and claims that his plan all along has been going his way. Chair’s going to war. Are you ready? I, for one, can’t wait to see what happens next as Manhattan’s elite is sure to leave us saying OMFGG.

Other Thoughts:

  • Lily was “so proud” Serena went grocery shopping. What an accomplishment!
  • Sage didn’t mind Chuck creeping while she and Nate were making out. Chuck’s response: “She’s a keeper.” This is the Chuck I much prefer over the walloping loser he was for most of the night. 
  • The "7th Heaven" reference for Barry Watson was delivered perfectly by B. 
  • Nate punched Dan. Let’s say it all together now: FINALLY!
  • Where were Ivy and William? …not that I really care, but just wondering.

All in all, Gossip Girl continued its string of solid episodes for the final season. Here's next week's promo:

So, what did you think TV Fanatics? Are you ready for the final two remaining installments? Hit the comments now to share your predictions and don’t forget to return tomorrow to chime in on our Gossip Girl Round Table!


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High Infedility, Dirty Rotten Scandals, and Portrait of a Lady Alexander were filler episodes. Had those episodes not been in a row I think people would view this season differently. For me the Chuck and Blair scenes those episodes featured were some of the series best and were able to redeem those episodes in my eyes


As Dan did not tell Serena that Stephen provoked him! Simply a lack of communication between Serena and Dan led to the fall! Of course Dan would react the same way as Serena, because they are the same personality and therefore they are in love! However, in the light of a new beginning, as Serena and Dan agree (6x06), Serena was supposed to, when she heard that Dan published chapter on her, to publicly state that she loves Dan and later to talk to him alone about it! Thus both get explanations which deserve! I agree with you that now Dan has to crawl and to pray for because it is one unique Serena van den Woodsen!


@Maribells, we did not understand, I think Serena and Dan have a communication problem again! Simply they do not know how to tell each other what they need and when required! You forget that Dan first sent a positive chapter on Serena, and that is after Stephen appeared on the dinner, as well as Rufus interference that rarely succeeds when it comes to Serena, has led to Dan reaction to submit another chapter on Serena - one that was wrote in Italy! It is true what you said that Serena refused Steven (bravo Serena), but instead to immediately go to Dan and tells him what happened and accept that Dan was right when he said that she should not have called Stephen to dinner!


For the record, I actually do think Dan loves Serena. I think he's just a raging hypocrite. If Serena published an article about what a pathetic loser he is, and then was like "what, I just told the truth, I totes still love you though", how do you think he'd react to that?


@Zoran lol, okay. So because Serena invited her ex to dinner- just to be friendly, which she made clear to Dan, and she even explicitly rejected Steven's advances during dinner- that means it's okay for Dan to publish an article insulting her by calling her "nothing" and an "empty shell"? The woman he supposedly loves? No. Just, no. I actually like Dan and Serena together, but your version of their relationship makes me incredibly sad for Serena, because *she deserves better than someone who would treat her like this*. The only way I want to see them together again after this is if Dan grovels at her feet.


oh so many fitzergald references in comments today :)
anyways thumbs up for going dark his dan, his characters was despicable anyways


Having Bart murder the Shiek and Bruce upped the ante. It gave Chuck's storyline an element of danger and uncertainty that was lacking. If that storyline is resolved by the end of the finale along with the reveal of Dan's master plan and Gossip Girl, a Chair wedding, and a flash forward that reveals Serena, Dan, Nate, Rufus, and Lily's fates the finale will be satisfying.


This episode was another classic Thanksgiving. Looking back at the season it makes sense that the writers would drag the plots out the way they did. If Chuck had found out what Bart's secret was sooner the showdown would've happened sooner. Which would've left two to three episodes without a plot. The writers wouldve then had to come up with a new plot which wouldn't work.


I have just decided to stop complaining about things not making any sense, and go along for the ride giggling over all of the craziness. In future years this will make a great drinking game. Whenever Serena switches partners, moans about her dad or says that she's met "The man she loves" DRINK. Whenever Dan gets sanctimonious or envious of the UES'ers DRINK. Whenever there is a bizarre, stupid or lame reason to keep Blair and Chuck apart, or when the perfect storm of all three (God doesn't want me and Chuck to be together!)is on screen, DRINK TWICE! When Nate is Natefused or Serena is vapid, DRINK. Skimming any two episodes of the series, especially season's 4-6 will bring the average person's blood alcohol up to 1.8!


Serena said how can you write these things if you love me. Dan told her that he still feels the same which means he loves her regardless of who she is and really knows her. Serena said to Blair in season 5 that she was jealous of Blair because she was the star of Dan's book. I bet the final chapter will be about her. This whole episode covers the entire series about Dan and Serena merging their worlds. Dan and Steven's conversation confirmed it.Also if Dan was gossip girl he wouldn't care if they hated him or be explaining himself to Serena. This was written very well and I'm actually glad Dan did not write the good love story chapter first.

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