Gossip Girl Round Table: "Where the Vile Things Are"

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Welcome back, once again, to TV Fanatic's weekly Gossip Girl Round Table Q&A discussion! Below, our panelists break down all aspects of this week's Gossip Girl, "Where the Vile Things Are."

In our Q&A session, TVF editor Steve Marsi and staff members Christina Tran, Leigh Raines and Courtney Morrison share their opinions on everything that went down on the Upper East Side.

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. Favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Courtney: I loved the scenes between Blair and Eleanor, but my favorite quote goes to a low blow from Queen B to Nelly: "Then why are you still sitting below me on the steps?" Classic throwback.

Leigh: This is so weird but "It's the people you know best who can hurt you the worst." Serena VDW has never been so well spoken.

Christina: Blair: "Hold it right there, Humpfreak!" I sincerely missed the Dan jabs.

Steve: B recalling that she'd been cordial for 52 minutes. Not that she's counting.

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2. Blair's devising a line based on her Constance school uniform: Is this her best idea yet or will it be another fashion disaster?

Courtney: Ehhh, not too sure. Could be super cute and fun or it could be a giant mess. I'm thinking since it's the end of the series... it will be a hit.

Leigh: I think it'll be a hit now that Blair is letting her dark side work with her light side! Gotta have the balance.

Christina: Well, one thing's for sure: Blair never looked better than in Gossip Girl Season 1 or 2. She definitely knew how to rock her uniforms, so I guess it's time for her to bring back the headband.

Steve: A wise fashion designer once said that everything old becomes new again. NOTE: I don't actually know if that's true, but there could be something vintage and old school about B's new idea.

3. Georgina was MIA. Did you miss her?

Courtney: Nope, NOT AT ALL.

Leigh: I missed G. She's hilarious.

Christina: I'm with Courtney on this one. It may be wishful thinking, but I hope we've seen the last of her.

Steve: While I recognize that she's often inserted into the plot in absurd ways, I'm with Leigh. The girl has so many of the best Gossip Girl quotes and there's never a dull moment. Poorly written, maybe. But not dull.

4. Derena is back on: thumbs up or thumbs down?

Courtney: Thumbs up. Only because their parents are no longer together and doesn't look like that's going to happen again. 

Leigh: Serena is too quick to forgive. I kinda dug it though. Season 1 vibes.

Christina: Thumbs down because I'm still rooting for Serenate!

Steve: Call me a sucker for old school Gossip Girl, but thumbs up because they might as well end the series the way it began ... either that or have the relationship implode again in even more spectacular fashion.

5. What was your favorite Ivy insult?

Courtney: Ivy blasting Lily at the art auction was pretty impressive, especially when she told her that she wants to be better than her and Rufus already thinks she is. Burn!

Leigh: The best dig was really by Rufus. He is the one guy who would never reduce himself to "revenge smut." When he's turned on Lily for good, you know she deserves it.

Christina: It's so hard to choose because I loved every bit of Lily's snarky remarks and even Ivy's constant one-upping. I'll go with "gypsy trash" though.

Steve: "Listen, you vile little interloper. You and Rufus may have rubbed your last two nickels together to replace my art, but the only people that you are making fools of are yourselves." That's just brutal.

6. Who was on the other end of Ivy's mysterious phone call?

Courtney: I'm hoping it's not Lola because that girl was boring. Possibly Serena's dad? I wouldn't mind having a Baldwin back on set.

Leigh: Courtney is sooo right, I didn't even think of it at first. Billy Baldwin is coming back!!! He was photographed on set! Eww how old is Ivy, please say older than we think.

Christina: Scott, Lily and Rufus's love child. How crazy would that be?!

Steve: Gossip Girl! Or Juliet or Eric or Jenny or Jack or William. If I just keep throwing out characters from seasons past that are set to return this fall I figure I'll nail it eventually.

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I can't believe how many people think the scenes with Dan and Serena are believable. I mean even though I am not a Derena fan, I am just disappointed bc it seemed like one minute Dan is head over heels in love with Blair and Serena is about to get engaged, then magically Derena is back on??? I mean there are so many problems between these two that have not been discussed nor been close to resolved....I mean that seriously bugs me. I mean it would be different if he had not wrote a whole book basically about Blair aka Clair and then to top it off he's writing articals about everyone bc he's pissed at Blair. Basically how are things suppose to work with Dan and Serena with him being in love with her best friend, this what I want to know. TO me Nate has been the only rock Serena has had in her life. Her and NAte are best friends, they lost their virginities to one another, they worked together, he sacrafices many things for her.So to say lets go back to te beginning is to say Serenate because there was Serenate before Derena. Now to me Derena would be more rootable/believable had Dair never had happened but it did. YOu can't take just it back and go back to season 1 just because. Lots of things have happened that if Derena happens it gonna be a little weird not only were they step siblings but they share a biological brother and Jenny hates Serena and Blair or at least she did. So I don't know but I'm really hoping the Derena wedding is a dream and its really Serenates :-) Here's to wishful thinking! but honestly even if its not Serenate its would still be more believable even if it was Carter or Steven. Dan has seriously burned his bridges, he's a wolf in sheeps clothing.


Unfortunately, a lot of people are unable to see how shitty this show is. Give them their dosage of illogical, lack luster and unintelligent Chair or Derena dialogue and they'll salivate and stick around for more. Continuity? Who knows or even cares! None of the couples will make sense anymore but that seems rather trivial to most fans. LOL Serena and Dan's beautiful scene in the elevator. Omg, please just stop for a minute and consider how illogical everything is. At this point, none of the "ships", especially Derena and Chair are appealing and they have been like that for quite a few seasons now. I can't even believe the reviewers of this website.


This is just rediculous, Chuck saying we can't be together for the 828484 time! When there's only 3 episodes left! This is obsurred. They honestly could have made much better story lines for this last season. I was watching that episode where Serena's been in a car accident and The interaction between chuck and blair where he talks about the death of his father and now this f***ed up relationship they've built up between him and his dad... Another episode where Elizabeth leaves and blair says to him I am your family.. Come on writers instead Of all these cheesy high school drama they could have give it a mature peaceful ending... Very disappointing


i hope something happpens with mr creepvanderson at end. i dont want this asshole in the near from lily!!


Because I used to love it and am disappointed with the poor storytelling. I just wondered if shipping aside people can see how awful it has got? Clearly its the ardent fans of certain couples that are carrying it and that's fine. Just wanted to put some objectivity out there.

Strawberry fields

Favourite scene - last scene with Blair and Eleanor. That's the Blair we all want and love. Blair's new line - it will be a hit. Everyone wanted to be Queen B. Did I miss G? Not at all. I didn't even notice she was gone, that's how much I care about her. Derena is back on - I'm fine with either way this ends, because I don't really care. But in my opinion, it came totally out of nowhere, given all the issues they have with each other. Also given how Dan is acting lately and how Serena was sooooo in love with Steven just five seconds ago. Doesn't seem real to me at all, sorry. Favorite Ivy insult - vile little interloper. Ivy's mysterious phone call - I'm with Courtney and Leigh, I would love to see William again.


sam why are you watching the show then?


I just wondered if fans, by putting their obsession with ships to one side, can objectively see just how terrible this show is now? I mean, whichever couple you ship they've all been done a real disservice and now none of them make any sense. The characters are destroyed - pale reflections of their former selves living out recycled storylines with no evolution. I would have been happy with any couples ending out the show together if it had been written well but they're just lackluster now. The flame of GG has finally guttered and died!


i cant expect my rufly park scene:)


4. Of course, thumbs up, Serena and Dan are back, proving to everyone that the flame of their love has never ceased to burn! From the common coffee drinking, over the driving a Vespa together, playing pool together, until strawberries with chocolate and finally in stuck elevator - all this reminds the audience of a magical and beautiful love of Serena and Dan from season 1 and 2!
5. Definitely a conflict between Lily and Ivy, and what they said to each other!
6. Ivy has probably talked to Lola because she agreed with Lola to destroy Lily. However, I do not know if the actress who plays Lola was seen on the set, if not then Ivy spoke with William, father of Serena. We have already seen the pictures how the Ivy and William kissing, so it's possible that instead of Lola William is the main enemy to Lily!

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